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and rum with their coworker bros.

But that wasn't me,
No I never gave up.
And my cup's colored rose for every girl that I love.
And when the sun eats
And havin' one of my co-workers say "Yo you look just like
This kid I seen in the old Busta Rhymes video the other night"
Well easy come, easy go
at night
Standin' on my feet all damn day
Tryin' to make this thing right
And havin' one of my co-workers say "Yo you look just like
This kid I seen in
'em, put the per diem on the floor
Now Kendrick, know they're your co-workers
But it's gon' take a lot for this pistol go cold turkey
Now I can watch
Coworkers give me compliments every time I go to work
What kinda cologne you on?
Dro' is like my aftershave
Have me feelin' and smellin' so good yo I don't
sold drugs
Co-workers saw me on the corner slingin' Larry Love
Meanwhile, you workin' hard like, two or three jobs
Tryin' to feed me and my siblings,
Grand Puba Nubian co-workers (Hah) 
Specialise in music, these cats'll never lose it (Huh) 
Time for some action for your satisfaction (Hah) 
low on cash
Mmm, that's right
Love me right, I'ma love you back (all night)
Lil' mama tight, never low on cash
Co-workers don't even know I rap
of employment 
Which is annoying cause it's so boring 
Your co-workers are talking too loud for you to ignore them 
It affects your occupational performance
I'm just a guy with a rock star attitude,
I've got no belief and I got no gratitude
Don't wanna talk to my co-workers
I think they're a bunch
Twelve to nine I move body bags to Cedar Sinai
Eatin co-workers food I'm rude
Walk in the beverage center with a jockstrap dude
I know why I go to work
And I know sometimes I'm a jerk
But I can't tell you why
I'm in love

I'll take lunch with my co-workers
But after work
like we are close
And lately, all my new friends just my co-workers
So where I go when my soul hurtin'?

If you knew I was buggin' and you stayed
back crack and leg work, bed work I'm awesome
Parking garages, your office fuckin' co-workers be talkin', fuck'em 
Throwin' dick in your guts this p90x
powers decline day by day.' 

You're like a convert who goes back to work when he can't retrieve how the clarity actually felt. When his co-workers ask
my gun I got my rifle
Supervisor stares me down
But he'll be begging when I come around
All the coworkers that I hate
They're gonna suffer the same
And it was slightly cold
Carla took out her knife and began etching
Random words into the table's surface
Then, she thought of her co-worker Jack
Thinking I should go and start a fire in the break room
Co-workers make me sick
And the manager really ain't shit
But I can't quit, so I'm
I'm trying to say polite things, ask what his day was like
Wanted to cuss him out
Him and my coworkers
Sometimes I speak my mind, I'd like to go
the people or things around us
You know, family issues, or crazy coworker, or phone that's blowing up in your pocket
Sometimes the distractions pop up inside
And I admit, when I wake up
I hit the drank, I blow up
But in back of the job
I don't bother no one
I stay strictly to myself
Co-workers know I be
Someone told me a major thing
I don't need to get dressed
My coworkers are so boring
They look so dumb
With their suit and tie, they make me
I say: I know, so let's get acquainted
You're the blank canvas that needs painted
 I'm the brush that'll make you wet 
 C'mon, give co-worker headset
to ruin your fun 
But I rat on everyone 
I keep track of names and places 
And tell all your black coworkers 
That you're a racist 

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