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Let’s go hunting!
The swarm buzzin'
The Pigs cower
The Wolves puffin'
We ain’t bluffing'
This beyond a discussion!
I said Bones Crushin'
Blood Gushin'
I’ll speak it to the world: God’s got the power
Realize He’s the bulletproof glass where I cower
Realize that there’s nothing that can stand up
I'm saying?
Mamba mentality
Let's go

I don't care what you've been told
I won't cower, I won't fold
Heal my spirit, break my mold
Kill my demons, claim
the pot, erasing the past that time has forgot
Cower, cower, cower in fear, reflect on the path that lead us to here
Blood and bone and firelight show, how
the water where you had been caught you over me
I want to kill you like you killed me
The innocence I lost is a dept
You can not repay

new king of this crown, y'all better cower
War, war on De Lucas
Bulletproof jet planes, nigga, you can't shoot us
Can't stop my reign or terrorize
the power
Tony Starks, new king of this crown, y'all better cower
War, war on De Lucas
Bulletproof jet planes, nigga, you can't shoot us
Can't stop my
It's all good, my loyalty's my armor and my power
The tragedy and casualties of wars every hour
Show me a battlefield and know that I won't cower
Your eyes, your eyes, so wide, so wide

We see into you
You can't hide from our eyes
Cower under our stare
We see into you

Sugar, sugar, sugar coated
Their future in her hands!!

Blood Magick, Harnessing her power
Blood Magick, Evil Creatures cower
Blood Magick, they will storm the tower

My God is bigger
My God is greater
He says "I am" before time began
Enemies shiver
They run and cower
None can contend with your majesty

Let the words come down, every line in sight and put the young flames up and make you cower and cower
If the sun breaks in instead of sparkin'
they're high
On a survival line

In my resolve, I move the rock
Maybe fall down trying
My ineptitude stares me down
In this space, I cower
I try
delivering the news like a paper round

It's all for control, it's all for the power
Torture your souls and force you to cower
It's all for control, it's all
flight, let's all fly
You'll come down in time

Lift me off my feet, take me higher now
Drag me by my feet, see me cower now
I don't know if I'll fly
Too far down to adapt
Down beneath catacombs
Bodies nap
You won't survive or be intact
After elevator impact

For in this cradle you will pass
pulling me over
My mind is making me cower

Most of us are seen to wait up
Most of us can't make our minds up
And most of us are afraid of something
I'm Austin Powers
But now I'm spittin' this flow while you cowards cower, yeah
While you cowards cower, while you cowards cower, no
While you cowards
I am a tiny flower
Living inside of a vase
You see I'm full of cower
I'm slowly growing with grace

I am a tiny flower
Living inside of a vase
deserve the power
For you, I will not cower, down (Will not cower down)
You shout, but I scream louder
Just know that this ain’t ours, now (This ain't ours
The last

Blood drips from finger tips, pooling round your feet

You became a living god, controlled your land with fear
Followers cower behind a mask in
the bullshit I try to believe
That I'll succeed
Brain Power
Thoughts turned sour
Keep on pushing
Just one more hour
Think it through
I will not cower
all things
Must bow to Your command

Will heaven not prevail
And strongholds not be moved
Will spirits not be silenced
And cower at His rule
cower to the word
When you say no

A no
Won't go all by itself
A no
Knows there's a yes as well
Say no
Say yes to something else
There is a power

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