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to comply
By the rules or be ever so tearful

I caught a vulture, he came up behind me
I put a chain on his claws
I caught another - been trying to find me
As I sit in my b-boy stance
With flip-flops and socks, and sweatpants
We finna enhance your brain, check it out
Once upon a time not long ago
As I sit in my b-boy stance
With flip-flops and socks, and sweatpants
We finna enhance your brain, check it out

Once upon a time not long
Catch a glimpse of his face
Your heart sinks in your chest
Your hands start to shake
Because you know it’s him
Just the coward and you
cowards on they way to Allah

Eve: E-V-E, Double are What
First lady, I just point, they squeeze
Ryde or Die, Double are What
Better keep your hammer
and kutty bloody nutty leavin'em shocked yaw [x4]

I roll with, villians and vigilantys regimers and outlaws
Mob figures we don't hang with cowards without
Strikin' the belly of the seed to make it vomit
Things of beings is unseen by men
in shapes and form, never been dreamed by men
The word of God, always
the ghost, Double R What
First come the hawk, then next come the toast
K to the R Double R what
Send mad cowards on they way to Allah
E-V-E, Double R What
Restricted patient
Or so they say
I choose to stay here, phobic fears
Nerve endings eaten away

I'm out of touch
With all in sight
Don't close my
listen to ?? beats
Its a shame me and Fuzz don't even speak
I got married, my wife name is D
Peace to 31 and 51-50, miss you

I came back
We're all chemicals, vitamins and minerals
Vicodin with inner tubes, wrapped around the arm
To see the vein like a chicken on the barn
Top cat chat,
you gotta make it work for yo'self
You catch them coward niggaz runnin', duckin', lookin' for help
But the realist niggaz in the game, play the cards
Eyes wide shut but they know
Buried alive by the lies in their soul
Their stride of a blind man's stroll
Well for whom does the next bell toll
me with E's
He got a cousin named David and I seen him last week
This is the life of another girl damaged by the system
These foster homes, I run
Money is power, yours is ours
Lay with a snitch, die with a coward
Hope we get rich, hope we can tower
Over the city with vanity with the music
Here comes the man of the hour 

Never catch me fuckin' with cowards 

Rock men from Thug Life to High Powered 

Blazin' trees Chinese chicks
my shits blazin hot
Smack you with the mack, give you a speed knot
It be in the Source next issue, sayin why I dissed you
Punk motherfuckers, y'all
By the jaws of death, you little coward
Scared to step in this arena
Where the grass is greener, you're looking meaner and meaner
But your look
the murders reenacted on +Unsolved Mysteries
Trick, coward lame pussy ass faggot
Six feet deep is where you sleep with the worms and the maggots