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I can't believe these hoes be takin' my heart for granted
I'm weighing bags up on some countertops, they granite

I'm just a solid nigga, I can't
This a new kinda kitchen, marble countertops, see through fridge
3 thousand for the microwave, touchscreen stove lil bitch!!
Please don't make me
the block hot
Makin love that will not stop,
Bed sheets to the countertop
Diamonds my baby down to rock
outlandish, I take for granted what God granted
My countertop granite, my house is outstanding
While I'm standing inside of it
Feelin' inside out as I pop
The marble floor and countertop
I got a gun know how to talk
I got 'em scared, I don't lie (lie)
Legends don't die (no)
Where would I be if I ain't try?
dreams, gold Porsche
I'm always on go, all the lights green
General official, that's what them stripes mean
You get wiped clean like a countertop
you in seven positions for seventy
Wait, we already did it, your wig was been splitted
Fuckin' you down on these countertops in kitchen
I'm lickin'
Compton ain't kinda cool
Good kid, mad city, mountaintops couldn't see my views
Countertops, we hop over, hit the register, then we move
I hope this shit
all my wives, cancelled all my soul ties
Countertops in the Southside, lettin' the coke dry (coke dry)
I don't get upset, I ain't never duck and wreck
I remember when my mother would get sick, She would vomit all over the kitchen, she would vomit on the tables and on the countertops, and in
registers are
Laid his fake id on the countertop
The clerk looked, he turned up, he looked he stopped.
He said "son, I'm not gonna call the cops, but I'm
ain't watchin niggaz bouncin on the twat
Even Peter boy diggin it out
All on the countertops drillin the trout
Fucked up thing babe it's your
with you

Two weeks in, your tooth on my countertop
I even cleared a space
In my nightstand for you
Your friends say we move too fast
They don't
up my countertops, she did a line off it anyway
Let me go count up them racks now, dick on that 40 don't back down
All of them bitches was fronting
suck, sponges suck 
Sponges suck, sponges suck 
Sponges clean up dishes and sinks 
And countertops and baby's noses 
They suck up soap and when you
on the bed frame, countertop
She had papers on the dresser and drawers
Still hear her 'don't you ever stop'
We were laying in a room on the floor
She had
the countertop display
With all the pretty things that take my breath away

The windows start to ripple every early afternoon
They burn until the evening but

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