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Mike Costly  


ladies and gentlemen

Got me some bread, made some paper
Costly fabrics, minks and gators bitch I'm balling
(diamonds on my chest, keep me looking good
Hopping off the jet, I made a bag soon as I landed
Bitch, I'm rich as fuck, I keep them babies just like Granny

I'm so saucy, I'm so costly, my
You cornball, get you popped plz
You cross me, it is costly

I'm bossy, I'm flossin
You see I'm really saucy
I drip gold like the honey
Lil baby
Fashion, Frosty
Pussy, Saucy
Bars, Costly
Moveset, Bossy
Fashion, Frosty
Pussy, Saucy
Bars, Costly
Moveset, Bossy

Niggas wanna know where I'm
to the floor everytime the beat will drop
Counting all my blessings coz i know that it will never stop
Am so bossy
Everything that i wear so costly
Mistaken shyness can be costly
Too hasty a goodbye, then you've lost me
You've got somebody who loves you
Somebody loves you (ooh ooh)
(Ooh, ooh ooh)
nigga stop flossin', you know this pussy costly
Want it dripping like a faucet? You got to make deposits
Tell that nigga don't be scared
Go 'head
Life is too short to live it partly
And you got a heart that warms up hardly
You wanna be loved but time is costly
Mis sentimientos en mi
It's gone be costly
Yea it's Pacq in this bitch
Excuse the language
But we stacking in this bitch
Stacking for a purpose
We stacking to get rich
mobing with the Posse
You want to be bossy but the price is hella costly
I so very Saucy
Stay tryna get your bird up off me
I just be cooling with me Posse
fuck but I don't like fingering
Lil bitch you can come hop in my jeep 
In the backseat doing mothafucking wild things

Lil bitch MJ bad
Lil bitch costly
Better watch where you steppin'
These long nights killin' me softly 
Time is money it's costly
I'm godly

On my grind like 24/7
New Air Force Ones
Hang around with costly stuff
Baggy is gonna rob you
Cause you stupids
Hang around with costly stuff
Knock 'em
Fuck 'em
Who tell you stop it tell
Way too high
Get da drugs n take ‘em off me
Chopper on da side
Just in case they wanna off me
Baby I’m fly like a parasail
And I get high like
Look at me frosty
Smile at me falsely
Feelings are costly
I guess this is it
I have to say goodbye now
Sorry I can't stay
Sorry but I have to go
if the cash and the pay right
But, if the bag ain't right, they lost me
Trapping forever my purchase costly
Heartbeart, (breathe)concrete
I get
won't wit me
Had to thug it out
Times costly
Gotta pay a fee
Book an appointment
Cant approach me nigga
I'm too bossy
Too accessible
Niggas ain't loyal
Nah nah nah
No no no
Nah nah nah

And your love get costly
Lil' mama please don't cross me
And I know it's gon' cost me
But I can still do
All these niggas watching, and yea they copy
Expensive frames, bitch they might be Versace
You can't afford these, bitch they is costly
Bitch they is
And that's on me
Losing you is too costly
So I promise no more games no Atari

Don't know why I play with your mind
Too used to women playing with mine girl
Keep my ice on me you know I'm frosty
Play with my money and it will be costly
Dripping from water you know I be flossy
Play with them sticks but we
Lord You are, more precious than silver
Lord You are, more costly than gold
Lord You are, more beautiful than diamonds
And nothing I desire, compares
is costly
Following mine is free

And if I told you all the stories
All the times I've loved and lost
You would tell me that I'm lying
That I wasn't
You don't wanna fuck with me bros
I ain't got the time for you bros
Man I'm so hard I'm Ross
My ting is big and is costly
Put another level, yes I

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