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Mmh (let me beat it up again gyal)

You wan' go di mall, you wan' ball pon ya friend dem
Me seh yuh love costing too much baby, yeah
You wan'
up in smoke
And fill my little pink lungs

You may not find it hard
You drag my feet
You pull me to the ground
This is costing you in skin

you care
When I'm gone
And it's time
And I've really had enough
And I'm sorry
For the trouble
Thats been costing us so much
Splitting apart, it's

Will you care
When I'm gone
And it's done
And I've really had enough
And I'm sorry
For the trouble
That's been costing us so much
up in smoke
And fill my little pink lungs

You may not find it hard
You drag my feet
You pull me to the ground
This is costing you in skin

it all n I'm coming for it

I'll tell you the truth this life is exhausting 
Want to be rich at what is it costing 
Wanna be homies but what if they
Quantum Mechanic

the matrix mathematic

my Honda is erratic

I ll show you the schematic
Quantum Mechanic

It s costing me a packet
I know that
a begger
Perhaps next
A millionaire
Someone is costing
Someone is paying
Someone is cursing
Someone is praying
Someone is wetting
Someone is sighing
Cause' I hit them with the Truth, Every time they be killing

The Bentley is murdered
I outline with cursive 
The shoes that I had bought
They costing your
Is that an option? What's it costing to mend what once was warmth?
And I say, "You're not the one that got away, you're the one I let go"

I shared
Always reminds me God is watching, 
Over every move I'm making I'm the sinner and it's costing, 
Costing her, my little sisters and my brother too, 
Together stronger then before
Your out of sight and mind 
Is costing lives
And were better off without 
I can't stand to watch you drowned
People aren't grateful, they sow the seed
Into their offspring, most likely costing
Kids to be fostering idea?s that lead to

Fighting, biting, run for
bald his head, he won't talk to God about it
This ain't mine, this a rental, lil' baby, don't ask what my cars be costing
Snakes on me, this is Gucci,
to lose.
And love with all you have,
Like you don't have a clue what it's costing you.

There's a man on his way to a church,
Avoids the eyes of the dying,
a get em
They mad cause I be flossing
Yeah this pussy costing
Tired and we tossing
You know I'm rocking
Cause there will be no stopping
I know our love is impossible
Because it is our destiny

And one day you'll be able to pardon
This bitter truth
I swear
That it's costing me my
and don't give a fuck what it's cost-ing

Yo, yo, pressure bust pipes, it's time to apply it now
Pick out a quiet town and tie it down
Make niggas lock it
of a society, that's deformed into a hell

Where selfish evil is the accepted norm, traded in for a momentary pleasure
Sense and sensitivity abandoned, costing
than me
Don't play the victim when you're with me
Free time is costing me more than it seems
Sacrificing things
And I wanna tell you my intentions
the process I trust in
Think they the way, but they bluffin'
Baby, I can spend it all, don't care how much it's costing
Grind and you get all this money,
Leanin' on the wall, with b-boys dancin'
Ears, neck, and wrists lookin' like the king's ransom
One chick, each arm, makin' it a tandem
Flat here costing
costing girl
And maybe you don't need the help but I just wanna see for myself

Can we be? Tell me can you handle this lifestyle that I'm in?
Been with
new life is costing you your old one

Oh, mama
Wish I knew then what I know now, know now
Oh, mama
Thinking 'bout you as I'm heading down this road

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