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Gore, bloody obsessions.
Gore, primal instinct. 

Killing, no longer for survival.
A horror corrupted by welfare society! 

Gore, cruel vision.
Corrupted desolation 
the sound of glass between teeth 
I belch the suicide of guilt 
naked body on display 
parasite my heart
Trapped inside your corrupted self
Held down by your withered soul

Go! Wake up the dead
Rise from your graves!

Every second that passes you by
bear our the battle
If I give dem the power they bring back the shackles
So I got to overthrow the struggle.

Captured by command of corrupted law

Complexities break entities when hardcore be the factor
Physically shatter by the cause of the megacosm distractor
Fractured by my supernatural
Stalked by the benefactors are brute bestial figures in mind the whisperer dispersing
Uncertainy a savage provoked by mankindpenetration of virginity
what's sick or a sin

open up now
let it all go
Im quite certain
say it aint so
your corrupted by
some sick fuck
oh no
open up now
Utterance of a word to give form
To give being all
Corrupted by eons of interpretation
Misinterpretation of all

No longer a path back to that
Lyrics And Music By Bill Stevenson I'm Sorry I Corrupted You - Took Away Your Youth I'm Sorry You Remember It That Way I Remember It Was True Love
You all have seen this suffering
You all knew it, you all know it
But your eyes lie to your heart
Morality corrupted and profit conducted

struggle for survival
The warmaster shall reign
With oppression fed by a burning hate

Hatred of mankind, twisted within your mind
Corrupted by powers
One man to rule them all
Concieved son of God
He will destroy us
Bleed the world dry

Power corrupted
Infected mind
Unholy messenger
don`t know by now
Nobody`s gonna tell you
If you don`t know by now
The shock will probably kill you

But if your patience is corrupted and you still
Corrupted by the promise of words
The hopeful lured by instinct unscathed
Suffering revealed innocence lost
Opened the mind to illusions not
Destroyed the icon

I did it for love
I honoured my feelings
You betrayed your own heart
Corrupted that organ

Family was always our sacred mutual
destroyed the icon

I did it for love, I honored my feelings
You betrayed your own heart, corrupted that organ

Family was always our sacred mutual
Forced by the pressure,
The territories marked,
No longer the pleasure,
Oh, I've since lost the heart.

Corrupted from memory,
No longer
Life has passed us by
as though time was standing still
An endless era like the melting snow
Fifty years have gone by
but not a day will pass
of whats sick or a sin

Open up now
Let it all go
I'm quite certain
Say it ain't so
You're corrupted by some sick fuck
Oh no
Open up now
Head in the sky
a soft ground corrupted by heroes
A man with a rope
Who blackmailed the wild horse

We bring you all together to make it right
Sons of the bounty
The way of the world
Has taken its toll
Ravaged my body
And bitten my soul

I'm ruined by rain
Weathered by wind
I've been invaded
Raised and misled by life's light
I refuse let shine for me

Corrupted misconceptions of how life should really be
Shadowing existence in your
Surrender, you sinners
We'll purify you hearts
So demons will return
Where corrupted souls burn

Around the castle, dogs are out
Villagers hiding in
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Salvation and honor and glory belong to our God
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
See now the one who corrupted
We've been abducted
My head corrupted
Sharp shock commotion
Stirs up confusion
We failed to notice
Blinded by daylight
This grand delusion