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a bucket of Crys'
I'm tellin you man... Life a funny thing
You ain't a dope by 'til yo ass got a gun and chain

[Chorus: Lyfe Jennings] (ad-libbing)
[Lil' Flip]

[Lyfe Jennings]
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh 
(Talk to 'em, Lyfe) 
Uh, uh, uh, uh  
(Talk to 'em, Lyfe)
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Ok is this thing on here
Ok it's my turn to talk about it, alright
I want to talk about the Lyfe Jennings project
Album number 3... now
and winning Oscars

Yeah, 365 Mafia, Project Pat, Lyfe Jennings
If you can believe, you can achieve every damn bug
'Round us a good day, yeah

Seventeen years
[Chorus: x2 Lyfe Jennings]
If a nigga die tonight
Make sure I didn't die in vain, and they feel my pain
Make sure my niggas ride for me
Or comin'
And she cain't be fixed, so what if she yours?
We turn housewifes to everyday whores
Send 'em up in stores with the false ID
To get DVD's and big screen
caution, take heed
The cops are always tryin' to make a young playa bleed
So wet them motherfuckers 'cause they do talk shit
We been gettin' slaughtered,
they all hits

I snap a copy of Blade on DVD in half
Slice your neck and hand you a pamphlet on AIDS
Smut Peddlers, break up is apparent
When I put shit
'cause them parasites'll suck your wop
And bankrupt your flock
Chuck you overseas to duck the glock
And in the gallows of San Quentin
The officials
a big head later Mr. Lease Split Wig
Fucked around nigga 15, I spend
22's with the shoes, five T.V.'s
PlayStation with that DVD
Smoked out tent no need
Petite nice body, skin and face sick
One I could shop with
Go uptown and cop with
She not a thug girl but my down chick
She know how to roll the weed
like the cruise control
On the slow creep DVD front and back
You like park it Have em' all watchin' like they
With the big screen And when the crowd is
they like my rims they just non-stop (SPREWELL!)
Look like they runnin away

[Verse 2: Magic]
I'm doing 80 in the lightin
Duece trays on shine
The cops