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Morris Chestnut was a actor
2Pac was the real life "Ricky!"
Then they shot down the nigga that shot him, I swear to God
If I'm lying then Compton is New
ends, the closest they gon' come is 2Pac
It's politics, it's all a fix, set up by these white blue-collared hicks
Just to make a dollar off of black music
and flossa
For 2Pac ya drought nigga who shot ya
Saw this beam light, scream like Chewbacca
We got twats on lock the tiny tots
My mom say stop or I'm gonna
the shooting 

Cops heard the shots, shit's hot 'cause they're pursuing 

But it's my stomping groung where herds get blown down 

Think I'm gettin caught by
Insanity spills from the mentality of twelve motherfuckers in six different bodies
With their personalities split
Fucking you up wit hit after hit
Ahh shit, a personality split
And I'm bout to flip with my nigga pull the trigger let the Glock spit
A little bad-ass shorty with no remorse
I kill