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the night
You and I
Feel alright
Into the night
You and I
Feel alright

So everybody help me sing it
Mama say
Mama sa
Mama coosa

Feel alright
Nò.Óm fasis la siq1 no voOls ke la cOosa es t3nsi..

No poOrtu giv3nchi sò.Ók d nik3 i versac3,
Faig lu ke ya f3iam q1an ens saltabam la cla$$e,
Ara e
little word that you say I can't believe a thing cuz I know that its fake and you would bite Your nose just to spite up your face
Mama mama Coosa my momma
A disaster, dignified

Sparks fly, sparks fly

We sat in the hot summer twilight
Radio loud and the brim bite
The Coosa water is choppy
por las noches
hay que reconocer que lo hacias bieen

era llegar con la espalda
hasta la pareed

Fuiste tantas coosa a la veez
que me cuesta
Mama say, mama sa, mama coosa 
La roue tourne et (?) En 2000

Africain sauvage, donne-moi le smoke j'suis un chaman, mets ton nom dans la
Gadsden Alabama Women
Gadsden Alabama Women
Gadsden Alabama Women
To me are the prettiest girls in all the world

They drink that Coosa River water
Rodriguez a healthy three and down it goes
Mama say mama sa ma ma coosa
You say I’m away I’m not too far
Take a plane or a train you want
them beans
I'm steady serving the fiends
I got a trap on the hill
Over there by Rink-A-Dinks
Nolan and Coosa where all of my shooters is Gucci
We set
sa mama coosa
Yea yea introvert I'll admit it
Too aloof for the critics
All the money no commission
The allure the people been missing

When all's lost
Mama ma coosa 
Baby can we do it twice
On camera
Yes this my place it 
Aint no mirage 
You can meet my boys
My entourage 
Then back that thang up
In my
hot! I blow
The dozier; ride the hot rod! Squirt like the
Wipers on my hot car, ama say ama sa ma ma
Coosa! Sucking on my titties so milky! I get
j'finis dans l'whip d'une jeune Virginie Coosa
Fais comme Martin Lawrence, Woosah-woosah, yep
To check I'mma do so, dead O in town, sont comme où ça, où

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