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Under brooding skys and watchful eyes
On convulsive seas of false urgency
We walk empty corridors in vain
Gorging On Forbidden Fruit

Manson Child
Heart Of Darkness
Manson Child
Brutal And Convulsive

I Got The Mouth Of Innocence
Wrapped Around My
Blood! Blood ejaculation

Steaming blood, convulsive corpse
A vision of a killer is all you see
I fulfil my superior existence
And you die in a pool
Fear in its place
Tempest, yet blind in haste
All right, I'm in your face
Implode to the head
Convulsive force of red
Adrenaline rushing blast
Covenant, our endless bond
A parasitic twin
This covenant, our endless
Clang to the past
Sharing, the blood running through our
leading to an
unimaginable horrible escalation

Disposed of his relatives one by one
Convulsive twitch, morbid homicide
Increase of the dreadful phobia
palpable caress
Touch and crawly feeling of the body
In convulsive thrills
Streaming with perspiration and suffering
...Terrible scream...
A raped woman
to the end of the circle

Rivers longer than blood can flow
Horizons wider than complete wisdom
A distance of furious dreams
Isolated fields in convulsive
keep up this lie
The fish taken from out the sea
Is not without reprieve
Its dying is a brief affair
And then it it brings relief
Yet what convulsive
the fallen angle to praise my soul

Kneel for my feet
Your convulsive body shall be in pain
For me... you are nothing... nothing
Just a rotting corpse

My hell
Convinced about the power of the cure
That waited
...I have to..

They believed it would go right
Until they saw the broken throat and
Last convulsive quivers
and fevers
Tears darken my eyes
Dripping on you naked breast
You lick my flesh
Greying, decaying by your touch, my body wreck
Convulsive grasp
My flesh
the existenc eengine. A propulsion beyond all limit lines
Convulsive thrusts of septic energy as infected cells collide
Unleashing the video bacterial disease.
where the bullet wants to go

(George Schmid was moving in a series of convulsive spasms, like someone
With an epileptic fit, with his face distorted
of change
This sudden fear is strange

Tryna understand your ways
You hide them with convulsive rage
You tried to be the best you could be
People finding
Nothing portentous or polite;
Tragedy tomorrow,
Comedy tonight!

Something convulsive,
Something repulsive,
Something for everyone:
A comedy tonight!
the teeth, frothy flow
Ballistic heart is counting down as pupils peak
Seizure turns into convulsive vertigo

Battle tires out
As cancer eats away
Convulsive fatal seizures
Bleed the ectstacy I crave
Brutally slain in pieces lay
My victims face down in shallow graves
la douceur convulsive des ventres funéraires 
accouche de revenants aux yeux pâles & meurtris 
parmi les os broyés des squelettes en poussière
River Phoenix.

I saw his body thrashing round.
I saw his pulse rate going down.
I saw him in convulsive throes.
I said "I'll have one of those."
Try to fight a dead end that's sent through fists
Mind computer list of motives
Electric convulsive through the voltage
Prime supreme truth cult
So I stab the beast belly while the vulture snores

Yo Joe!
Let it blow with convulsive force
Till walls fall off their false supports

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