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had this building up all along
Contuse my neck and break an arm
My brain’s been warped and you’re long gone
And you're long gone
It’s been a long trip
Ora cerco l' amore
Nella melodia
Qui chi allude confonde
Il linguaggio con fronde
Ma di fantasia
Contuse parole fan da farmacia
luck in my mind accense, on contuse in exciting piff,
im loosing my conciense next, im sick and tired people talking this and that,
like im on run up in
The words i choose to use 
Might bruise even contuse 
You fool,this for the win
That's why you'll forever lose 
No concept of time 
My mind it time travels
You contuse me
Where you abuse me
Oh Judy
You cuckold me
You've always a headache
Unless it's with Nick
I'm not greedy
But I've got my
stress and my effort is useless
This my movement 
Fuck you bitch, break bones and contuse shit 
Life is confusing, Uh
Cycling deeper this kid is the god
you're taught your
teachers never lie
and so contuse the children
at their feet
busy running to and fro
so busy running no place to go
seared to stop

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