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pendulum's outta control
I'm passive or I let my fire blow
In a man's world it's hard to be soft

I don't want to be a star
Like Marilyn Monroe
strive to obtain
The pendulum sharpens its axe once again
To fore fill my needs 
To embrace my silence is gold
Means the loss of motion control
Control the urge to spit up vile worms soul
Monsters seduced by her attention
Try draining the infection

"Carol Anne," the beast is calling
just a man The sun will never shine me
I am lost inside the meaningless We lose control 

Like a pendulum I forgot where I came from 
Holding onto
lose control
And it makes wake up screaming
It's the nature of the beast
At night, this mindless army, ranks unbroken by dissent,
Is moved into action and their pace does not relent.
In step, with great precision, these
At night, this mindless army, ranks unbroken by dissent,
Is moved into action and their pace does not relent.
In step, with great precision, these
The raging worlds collide
By tyrants doomed to die
Break down and slay the beast
Sheer terror from evil deeds
Regain control - before you go insane
a miracle I wonder
I feed the addict to my venom
Rhythmic, smooth rock the pendulum
Myself a so glorious
I play with hopes till victorious
Gridlock within my
Beneath the skin
So breathe in, breathe out
Let the human in

The air is silk
Shadows form a grill
If I lose control
I feed the beast within

Go cry from barren land
Lost without a chance
Go fight it till it see
Don't tell what you see

I see trees side by side
Glazed eyes feel so
They're tryin' to take away my pride
By stripping me of everything I own
They're tryin' to hurt me inside
And make me into a white man's drone
Hate is a killer in breeding frenzy 
Growing faster becoming deadly. 
Wake up, together. see'mon fight the beast: 
Tyrant control in the Middle
Intoxicating, innocence impelling me
Invoke the creature, imperious the beast

Tormented by pleasure, my fantasies roam
Imprisoning visions untamed
rap, no tale spinning, such is the life of a
Kam-I-Ka-Ze pilot
We wilin' out of control until we all make the funny papers like Comic-Con
Feared in all

The people were struck by terror and fear
While beasts intruded their ground
Like the flow of a storm that none can control
Cascades of blood
Seduced by the fire of power
Blessed with the gift of deception
I will become the reigning master
Fulfilling my desires for perfection

Where can I hide from your eyes
All my senses are darkened
So easy to lose control
Wild beasts tracking us down
Our minds enslaved to authorities
the deep
Let go, we must lose all self-control
Let go of letting go and hold on to something whole
The butchering of a beast or birth to enduring peace
I am sickened by sub-humans
The twats i see everyday
Pathetic fucking lowlives
Living their meaningless lives
Hatred grows only stronger
Music has charms they say
But in some people's hands
It becomes a savage beast
Can't they control it
Why don't they hold it back

You see my
Has taken over me
I feel the beast inside me come to life
As I leave the human soul

Frightened by shadows, fiends from within

The gloomy
pathetic sin
Then you kneel and let the brainwash begin

The world will be swept by war and plagues
All evil will control humanity
Many will follow
Abolish the impious, conquering their fate
Driven by beliefs they enforce upon the weak to justify the life...they've destroyed.

For control
I'm a monster trapped in human form 
Despise me and I'll return the favor 
This air-conditioned nightmare 
Brings out the beast in me 


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