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Put away forbidden playthings
Amusements and distractions
And dismantle the contraption and carry it away

In time as beauty dissolves into
lava flows underwater it behaves differently
A new contraption to capture a dandelion in one piece has been put together by the crew
The preparation
It's yer

Sweet interjection

Kind of affection

Boring contraption

Gooey confection


Rasputin tootin

Dismal depression

When something has you pinned
And the contraption that you're in
Won't let your day begin

And every rustling of leaves
Is the thieving of your
Well I look through
A window and I see
Some people lying
On strange contraptions
Moving their bodies
Up and down
A futile struggle to gain
found were limitations
I could not rise above

There are gadgets and contraptions
Immaculate machines
There's a program you can download now
A cubicle of soul-numbing terror
Implements within turn people into scarlet mulch
A contraption created from my maniacal mind
Bodies at my
Well I look through
A window and I see
Some people lying
On strange contraptions
Moving their bodies
Up and down
A futile struggle to gain
I was lost in a contraption
Took me days to find direction
Suddenly the moments collide

Finally found the fault in father
Family blood dilutes
was, obsolete instrument
An outmoded contraption, a malfunctioning device

That callous self now extinguished, that malignant self now disused
And glass bone nights
Electric lines run
Through your minds
Distractions with radio contraptions
Night glasses
Pipe ashes
Tick tock
Hear the wind lick
strange contraption
Over many a hoary dale
Unbar the batw! Take me to the house
Of your so-called priest blasphemer!

"We do not require the use
Succulent flavour is pure
Evil is personified 

Brutal conclusion forseen
Envisioned so long ago
The Slaughtered were unaware

Contraptions of history

You say it can't be done
You'd rather die of fun
Get out of the way
For me for you for everyone 
Forever is tomorrow is today
Well back in 1876 an ol' boy named Bell
Invented a contraption that we know so well
By the 1950's they were in everybody's home
There's a crazy
I guess you have to have a problem if you want to invent a contraption
First you cause a train wreck, then they put me in traction
Well, first came
of a dance craze
By "Jesus cross and the cruel nails"
Followed up by "torturing little beaver"
With their contraption of barbed wire
Between the fear square
Into the arms of the air

Stories not reality
I feel like a junk contraption
Truth is, I can't shake this vile fear
When I space out
Pickled beats everywhere, daily pollution 
Everyone's looking for a saline solution 
Give me a lawnmower, something made of wood 
Beat up contraptions
to die

When a ship meets with destruction
The Captain stays to drown
But no tin contraption
Is going to drag me down
My reference
To some fatal contraption

Mega mega, mega mega
Mega mega, mega mega

Don't panic, I'm megamanic
Mega mega, mega mega
Mega mega, mega mega
looked at Johnny looked at Janie
Oh, they both found it difficult to speak

I wish I could say they threw those contraptions away
And fell in love all over
contraption, down the hall,
Waiting for whole families, one dozen, two or three,
"If you'd only stuck together, you'd not be here!
"If you could've loved
Land no fables
This where the truth's told
Use them two holes
Above your nose
To see the proof yo!
Imagine a contraption that could take us back

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