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Madonna dollar destroyed by the holy roof 
I know to move my child to switch 
Without your tooth 

Distorted contortionist barely 
Saved his cool
a contortionist
Slight of hand and quick exchange
The old tricks have been rearranged
Engaged in crime I grasp my throat
Enraged my mind starts to smoke
Roll up, roll up
The greatest show on earth
Animals, clowns, freaks, misfits, contortionists
Fun for all the family

Currently residing in
Jungle Rule, can't be no fool
Jungle Rule, can't be no fool (I needed a little taste of that)

Twisting joints like a contortionist
Laid in
I set the precedent, my energies very incredible
Yet barely accessible
By the lame and taming animals
Like lions and tigers and bears
Locked up in
(Gotta establish a connection before I get impatient)
(I'm no contortionist man, I'll steal the lips off your eyes)
(But anyone who really matters got
And overflow the trauma center
So recommend ya to think twice
FitnRedi dishin out rhymes by the slice
But of course
There's a price  
For everything now
And with
William Shakespeare, uh
William Shakespeare was a verbal cun-tortionist
He could bend his words in the way a contortionist bends his frame without hope
of the fatherless of an orphanage
The force of this four fifth (.45) fold you like a contortionist
Arturo Gatti, I am like John A. Gotti, extortionist
remorseful in every morsel
Unpleasant, horrible, hello gorgeous
The rebel with devil horns just fell off the yellow short bus
Met a contortionist, said,
peepin' out some new lyrics my man Carnage was kickin'

Forcin' this contortionist towards blowin' kids
Physicals over inproportionate coordinates