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Embrujo, bajo el sol
Cuando llueve why aprieta el calor 
Mojando mi piel

Ven aqui ( ven aqui )
Junto a mi ( junto a mi )
sings a lullaby 
That summons the undead from the ground 

As vampires and zombies 
Begin circling around me 
In the year of our lord, time continuum
minds (oh, oh, whoa)

Go! Go!
Set a course, go!

I need space
You're out of time
Stars collide

I need space
You're out of time
Pursue the
Not the sorrow
Of its wings
It returns

Leave it
In the veins
To run like
The water of the Seine
It's path
of a real solution

Help is here somewhere
Residing in the gallantry of everybody
Waiting through the continuum of time
Your longitude and latitude
Cycle ends
Life burns your regress
Become ceaseless

It is now, yesterday and tomorrow
Tomorrow, yesterday, now

Time is a continuum
The arc continuum
mirror-image fades
Our over-conscience colour shades
We're astral-planing, floating free
On our continuum frequency
A ring was formed out of the stone
atrocity exacerbating, upon a carnal continuum
They careen unhindered
Each animosity accelerating, as any shred of sanity
Is systematically splintered...
to prosperity
Yearning but what already is gone
The remains digress
And start anew

Aligned with the continuum
Expanding the source
the flesh of this earth

Your dreams
Mundane delusions of Malkuth
My dreams
The Continuum Force that devours all things
That eat the flesh
My Way in Itself, complete
I Am The Continuum

Human, meagerness of purpose
Come feed Me what I please
My Spirit shan't be hindered
For It
the covenant
To the primal source of which we've come
We lift ourselves
On the path that brings us to our dream

The continuum force we praise
Your slumber
he's just a stained class king

Transfixed at deliverance, is this all there is
Faithless continuum, into the abyss
Fierce is my conviction, absolute
he's just a stained class king

Transfixed at deliverance, is this all there is
Faithless continuum, into the abyss
Fierce is my conviction, absolute
In blood - of the enemy
In layering dimensions
Reality shifts
Continuums are merging
A fracture
In the line of the time
Seems we never
Forging new paths
Along the worn landscape of eternity
Millions of years are but seconds
In the continuum of forever
Fallen leaves crumble into dust
The blinding splendor of the multileveled universeâ?¦
The linear continuum of uncountable infinities!

(end run 2)
A point between all other
This was the child of the millennium
A switchblade hangin' 'round the neck
A trail of crosses burned continuum
The path to hell blazed in a wreck
the continuum
How long can 1 lasy, Traveling at millennium?

Following the North Star shining abright
To a place of the holy birth site
Craving my need
And thy prayers for deliverance:
All will die.
And be one in a nucleon
Reductio ad Absurdum

Jackie you yourself said it best when you said
"There's been a break in the continuum
The United States used to be lots of fun,"
Back when the man
Somewhere else it's still yesterday
In a little while it'll be right now
Continuum of both time and space
A disruption impossible
Go back a year
impossible to sustain
Sugar, I am always going to find a way

Sugar, I don't believe

In redemption
It's just a continuum
Nothing tied up in a bow

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