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or taffeta
You're frozen in the
Contemplation of a win

OK maybe that was a little
Heavy on the word play
But as first thoughts go
They were mostly
mystified through blissful light
Heresy and Heretic contemplation
Life purified earthly mind
Abashed and aghast rebellion

Sensitive Aura,
Rotation forty five
Archive excavation
From vinyl's dusted groove

I spied the blueprint
I spied the blueprint
This paradise which burns from within
Resurrected from an empty space of sin
Fearless contemplation discarding the human race
Flying under the radar

In excelsis deo
In excelsis deo

Sages, leave your contemplation
Brighter visions beam afar
Seek the great desire of nations
Ye have
the absence, there's a presence in my heart 
I will surrender, I'll surrender to my 
Quiet contemplation 
My quiet contemplation 
I'll just, I'll just love
from everything that is real

Hide in my imagination, safe inside my contemplation
Never out of time, somewhere in my mind
There's a place where I'll
need our money's worth

Oh, oh
Melting in your contemplation
Give me up, I'm tired
Bound to be, bound to be
Oh, oh
Melting in your contemplation
Visionary dreams of logic
Penetrates the unconscioness
Uncontrolled contemplation
Too senseless to see the logic
Uncontrolled, uncontrolled
Tired eyes overshadowed with a gaze of frustration. 
Contemplation of living under the knife. 
I maintain. 
Is your face lined with tension weary
through heights can be heard
As peace roams high

Fortress of mist and peaks
Nature gave to man contemplation
Leading to divine inspiration

In meditation and contemplation
And we didn't need anybody, or anything
Then, no concepts, being free
And I want to climb that hillside again,
Will give you a conversation 
To avoid a situation
That needs contemplation
Plastic Jim

Plastic Jim
With the cellophane smile
Ain't never been
I often have wandered in deep contemplation
It seems that the mind runs wild when you're all alone
The way that it could be
The ways that it
baby, is a feeling I know
Oh this contemplation's turning up on it's own
Ohhh your body's churnin', when livin' is rough
But are you yearnin' or are
Yonder shines the infant Light,
Come and worship,
Come and worship,
Worship Christ, the newborn King!

Sages, leave your contemplations
change your mind
Contemplation, meditation, all that jive
Taking out the medicine just before sunrise
Underground tremor, stop it with a dime
Hey girl,
of aberration
The seed was once submerged
Incessant torment
Vile contemplation
Of repulsive fantasies
Causing imminent psychosis

Horrific alteration
A deeper contemplation
Is all I need to make believe
Everyone would love me if I could fool the world

Walk away from me
I see the change in
the fountain of all joy
It pushes the door of transcendence open with all its spiritual
Emotion and contemplation
In the course of history many God-inspired
work is never done
keeping pretty words between my teeth and
sweet confessions
underneath my tongue

drowsy contemplation
do I let you in?
Voluntary subordination, engage in contemplation

You base it all on hierarchy
No wonder it'll turn into fucking anarchy
Detachment of continuity
If I were in contemplation, I'd stay for a while

Oh, I've thought of it time to time
Our stolen city sighs
I'll lose him, how do I?

It's not your situation
I just need contemplation over you
Over you

I'm not so systematic
It's just that I'm an addict for your love yeah

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