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rapping like Common since
The hood is moving different than you envisioned
Consumerism's the new religion
There's fewer Christians and fewer Bishops
Mass production equals depletion of the ozone
Consumerism causing death to organisms
mainly human and animal. The war machine is cannibal!
that for me
Jesus' birthday
I swear to God, if you leave my raw vocals like that
We not friends anymore
Autotune my shit and put
to stay alive

Need to satisfy our fundamental needs
The nervous system enables that drive

Through consumerism, escape and struggle
As well
lawn houses, housin' all your fears
Desensitized by TV
Overbearin' advertisin', god of consumerism
And all your crooked pictures lookin' good
Is it you who's born frustrated?

Is this human freedom,
Hedonistic excess?
Junkie consumerism,
Mass-production, toxic sickness,
Everyone is
while the sad bleed

Success and love dictate while skin touches fashion
Consumerism beauty for cheap appeal
I don't wanna dance for people to watch
form while the sad bleed,

Success and love dictate where skin touches fashion,
Consumerism beauty for cheap appeal,
I don't wanna dance for people
If you try you will catch on...

Inhospitable cellular chain gangs
And the slaves speak of consumerism
And in the monsters of plastic that
to the dollar bill, y'all
Commercial consumerism is tryna kill y'all
I'm tryna heal y'all and still make a livin'
Be conscious of what you gettin' for what you
To be honest

And yes, I have all of the usual objections
To consumerism, the commercialisation of an ancient religion
To the westernisation
The procession of consumerism leads
And we follow blindly
Brainless, brain leash
again, her dark consumerism
Assimilated in him, cash the new gospel
Occupational sin, just walked out of the church house
With happy all in my pocket,
consumerism, and that shit's repulsive! 
The markets like a carcass to a flock of vultures
Salivating at the chance to exploit our culture

Burn the motherfuckers
Shroud in a blazing flag

Reciprocate altruism
Pax-American globalization
pants, coffee shops and yogurt stands
Consumerism, holy land
And on the other hand my momma land

It look like funeral home, church, church, liquor

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