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Bows! beats the blues
Bows! for those up and down days we can all do without

(if symptoms possess you please consult you local dealer)
When it's smooth
Then it's time to move
When it is smooth
Go consult your elders
Look into the thatch
Any day that swelters
There's still some
Still waters run deep now
I've been watching you so long
I know that something's twisted
I know that something's wrong
How long ago
Did you consult
And I mean West-Germany

I thank you for placing your trust in me
For further information or potential risks and side effects
please consult your
it comes
To sex
He's strictly ad lib
Except when he consults the text
Lips that seem so kissable
Unpermissible unzippable unzip!
You're just
I'd warm the gaileys and pour the wine
I'd salt the fish consult the time
I'd ford the cold and rush the crossing

If I were a fisherman's friend
Unless you consult the head of the table
The head of the table
He's stern and strong

Caught this bit of news
From unexpected quarters
that I might've surrendered, but not now

Consult the cards to measure mine,
The earth is hard, but the treasure fine
To the sea, I crawl on my knees
Maybe diminished
How do I
How do I play this?
Jealous lover, self defense
Protective brother, chemical
I'll consult the i-ching
more than welcome to look around
Consult your checklist go underground
I'll claim a stake here inside the frame
But I'm going under another way

I'm so lost, I'm a modern man
So confused, as to who I am

I look around for my role
I never consult my soul
I'm a modern man

I'm a modern
Manhunt to find your daughter
Buried underneath the water
Now they consult a psychic
Find how much I like it
And now I've found a little friend
Figure hanging on a leather band 
Cog consults the watch he cups in his hand 
Bejewelled movement measures lost and vanished time 
Pray for
Your shadow has grown longer
The wind is at your back
They dressed you up so pretty
In red, white and black

Roll the sixes gently
Another soul is saved
With your bogus medications

What colour shall we have today?
Depends on how you feel I say
Consult your research on the media
Consults the old man clutching money in his hand. 
And with a shrug, 
The old man smiled, 
Took the money, left the farmer wild. 
And the changes of no
a woman 'bout twice my height
Statuesque, raven-dressed, a goddess of the night.
Her secret incantations, a candle burning blue
We'll consult the spirits
Speed checked by radar.
Positively no admission.
Oh my darling, if pain persists,
Consult physician!

My love gave me a sign.
There was a time that I might have surrendered
But not now

Consult the cards to measure mine
The earth is hard, but the treasure fine
At the sea,
anything unfolds
It´s supposed to


You don´t throw your time away
Sitting still
I´m in a chain of memories
It´s my will

And I had to consult
this is my hit song! 
this is my one chance to be a rock star! c
ommon adore me !!! 
this is my image these are my dancers common consult me
I'm tall enough to ride your heart
Keep your arms and lips inside my car

If you have a heart condition, consult your doctor before riding
Incomplete without tearing up all of the sleeves
Nobody cares
You look fine, no I don't, let's consult our favorite recipe
Nobody cares
Oh no,
Coordinate the marketing
Label publicity touring
Consult the presentation
Go ahead put this in context

It's three points on production
Fifteen percent

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