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Construct Destruct (Suicide Commando) · Construct and Demolish (Time in Malta) · Construct and Demolish (Time in Malta) · The Suicide Sessions, Vol. 3: Construct-Destruct + (Suicide Commando) · Construct (Dark Tranquillity) · Construct (Dark Tranquillity)

Program correction
Repress resistance
Recall construction
Reset dead people
Strong mind control
Dark neutrino
don't die alone.
(Construct to collapse. Collapse to construct)
to think or to feel helps to help construct that veil between the two
a bourgeois construct 
So I’ve given up on the bourgeoisie 
Like all their aspirations, it’s a fantasy 

When you walked out you did me a favor 
You made
sense and No Guide 
Ain't it beautiful to be alive Yeah right 
I won't resign before the struggle ends 
So I'll construct this sound defense 

We are
have the right to conduct me
In whatever fashion
Your attempt to construct me
In the interest of passion
You sent me
To Toledo, Toledo, Toledo

I came
Can we control this dream?
Make amends with lovers constructs
Quieting the roar of doom
Dream of the monster sick and frail

Happened again last
the beauty from inside
We are one
We are the strength of the universe at heart
Construct the light
Implore of the energy, bestow the understanding
You point to the sky
The sky
Is reflected in your eyes
And I
Want to fly
On a carpet of brown leaves
We retrace the steps of change
I construct a mechanical smile
And face the solid wall, with pride
Loosing, falling, tears in our eyes
Swirling like disordered flies

Dying sun fades in our sky
The time has come to say goodbye
Construct the pods; we must evacuate
To the stars; is this to be our fate?

Oh baby,
to construct the past

I leave the heat on to leave a trace
Of all the things the air was filled with

All the things I never knew and all the words I know
been manipulating to construct a weapon the sake of entrapment
Falling victim to a charismatic and enraged tongue,
A cancer singing his delusive gospel
call into so extreme, running to a cold place, it's a constraint, construct the evil, construct the evil, construct the evil, the crouching, the calling
brought us together 
What strange forces of nature conspired 
To construct the present 
From the past 


When I look into your soft green
Extricating speed dial
Accidental voices traced
Workless construct ferments
Arrested nuclide
In the basement

we'll never understand the gout
understand or construct.
If I gave you answers you'd shove them right back in my face.
What is real? Face up to the consequence of what will become.
Strings pull our limbs to the 
Proper places without restraint
The day begins with confusion, aware
Continue to construct amongst the pretentious
sense and no guide 
Ain't it beautiful to be alive yeah right 
I won't resign before the struggle ends 
So I'll construct this sound defense 

We are
Time is a human construct, and you were below the waves

Time after time, July was in her eyes
But if you lie, you lie to your soul

Your soul
to disrupt
Their false foundation

Reveal the answers
Placed inside our minds
React and question
Unveil the truth

We must react and construct
to try to ake an order out of
muddled thoughts and dream - to
watch hope and desire torn
apart from the seams - construct
a wall of hatred out
The Bricks
The place in which I self destruct
My eyes
They see
The zombies limp abreast to me
Structues ascend
Channelling wind
We beg for
Running the tightrope until the rope runs out. Run it all into the ground then rebuild. The constructs on the boundaries we've been given are unfair.

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