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on some boundaries
Let's hand it off to constituents, looks like a five yard gain, just shy ideology 
We don't ask (don't ask) 
We deduce (deduce)
ain't enough
To do it all, it ain't enough

Clock keeps tickin', it's gettin' so ridiculous
For all my constituents, I'm so conspicuous
Look at this,
Large clique of my constituents
Combination to the safe, straight to the Benjamins
Living life to the fullest was the emphasis
Making love to Mary
the chicken wings
Started in a neighborhood and now we on to bigger things
Large clique of my constituents
Combination to the safe, straight to the Benjamins
could end up giving me instant misery
Open my eyes, she was kissing my constituent
I threw that bitch off the cliff
And as I get bigger

You and me
See weh me ah seh, dem heart colder dan influenz-
Sad di ghetto one fulla crime, no coincidence
Ina Cherry Garden me have influence
How can war
Disintegration constituents to decompose of the parts
A malformation utopia systematic unity can't be achieved

Be numb to all the things
at the cops can't stand us (fuck squally)
And belligerent and packin hammers (loaded)
And my constituents a act bananas (monkey business)
Cause they get
Regarding your romantic situation
And I just want to make my position quite clear

You've got a constituent here
And you'll find before you take one more
constituents and scorpions poisonous stingers filled with opium

Stay grippin' 'em, I've got a venomous heart, filled with vigilance
That will shatter ten
a Mephisto's gasp,Your past was never quite there

There was nothing that loose in the constituents of your substance
It does indeed exist in parts of your
Dear us, we had a gang of ups
Stay side-to-side when most split
Consider my constituent, forever I commit
Had much in common as common sense
As time
se constituent partie civile c’est foutu! Elle est folle ou quoi?

Madame Schmidt:
Elle est stérile, elle a fait une grossesse nerveuse!

Le pompier:
have voted for him
I'm an industrial motherfucker
Who knows what it's like
To serve with fucking honor
Your worthless constituents 
My Obamanation
and constituents notice how much a bitch you is
We don't care how rich you is 
Lit you is 'cause its frivolous to judge you by residues
Just, makes it all
standing? What about all his goals?
Cold, inanimate objects have no claim on his soul
Witness Jonathan Fallow in his past years
Work constituents give him
weight came better than pounds
Getting international fists off, my big nigga rocking Esket
My light-skinned constituents in the hotel with they glasses
Un regard de travers, blocage sur une gazière
La situation dégénère
Si les grand frères s'affairent
Ainsi des bandes se constituent
Pendant ce

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