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I was richer than a thousand kings 
Just to have her by my side 
But when I promised her a golden ring 
In my heart I knew I lied
throwing daggers with her eyes
Tourist trapped in Ipenema quicksands
Sewage sludge washed up conquistador, le mort
Beaten down with two by fours
throwing daggers with her eyes
Tourist trapped in Ipenema quicksands
Sewage sludge washed up conquistador, le mort
Beaten down with two by fours
Christ, Christ alone!
Christ to call me His own!

We won't play by your rules!
Here is one you won't fool!
I think it's dumb
I won't succumb to the cult
Man and his faithful ethics 
Intoxicated by the fruits of the earth 
Diabolical fanatikism, so cold and grim 
The perfect perversion, bestiality
Selected by a secret cult
Judged and approved, opinion given
Reasonable ricks, superior pain
Praise this cult and reverse the cross

Crown of charm,
Who talked about a meteor
That crashed on a hill in the south of Peru
And was found by a conquistador
Who took it to the emperor
And he passed it
Light the black candles
Darkened ceremony begins

The cult of blood
The opening of hell has been done
The cult of blood
The hour of magic has
Are you ready? 
Are you ready now? 

In the world of machines 
- virtual machines - 
Dominated by software 
Everything is cold 
Cold as ice.
a sacrificial mound

Were you our god or a man in a play
Who took our applause and forced us to stay
Now all together we lived as we died
On your command by
Conquistador of Mexico, the Zulu and the Navaho
The Belgians in the Congo short memory
Plantation in Virginia, the Raj in British India
I am becalmed in virtue
Lost to nothing on a bay of dreams
Warm weather and a holocaust
The tears of God flow as I bleed

Left to die by two
Monster time again

You see people on the streets
The talk of the town
Wherever you go to
They come to your home 
They operate you by
(And the words of truth go by)
War child
Baby we lived hard
Finally know
How strong we are
Oh, yeah
Dying leaders
You can stay at home
Our new
So many lands we've come to know
And we watch our love just grow
'Til the Winter brings us home
No time gives us reasons for why it just goes by
Summoned forth this night 
By the hybrid cult 

Follow the bloodline throughout the past 
Seek and you will find a hidden ancestry 
At night the circle
It seems you're always looking for a new RELIGION
To excuse YOUR SINS
NOWADAYS it's easy to be swayed
Legions of truth will invide into new world
Cults strangled by the cross will arise
Circles of fire will ignite
In the forgotten divine groves
Mushroom Cult.
Kaleidoscope of love.
Ophidians dance as the shifting occurs.
We are stars and electric animals.
Nurtured by the mothers
the ashes
The ashes of unholy domains
Sin and lust were conquered
Symbolized by the tower that fell
Culture of depravation
Sodomy and sexual obsession
Mighty and brave is the fighter of shade
He's prince of the darklands... Dargor his name
Adopted by Vankar, old wizard of Helm
Disciple of evil he
the deepest cavities of HADES - great delight at their shrines...
Of loathsomeness! - lands of farmers ravaged by evil spells

Scorched black by flame
Souls of once fallen warriors are rising

[Lead: Fredrik]
Apocalyptic chanting
Demonic possession

The Unholy Cult of Belial gathers for attack
Drive-by shootings
Rioting and looting
With the boys in the hood

Cults and religions
Deadly premonitions
Fiery oppositions
Evil battling good

You'll be in peace soon. 
A tribe within itself
A vision will display
To blind the caring. 
Too late

I am a cult by definition. 
I am