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Connan Mockasin  


[1:39 AM, 5/14/2021] Connan: انتو وين 
‏I don’t have tame to  pain
جيت agine 
سين تعبان عايز some change 
Its all the same 
كلو عايز يبقه fame 
mouse e a outra no saco

Caçando outro hit, tô tipo o connan    
Bem sauce no kit, pisando de jordan
Caçando outro hit, tô tipo o connan    
Bem sauce no
No quiero verte llorar
Como un día gris
No quiero verte mal
Como una montaña rusa en reparación

Como una canción de Connan Mockasin
made it
Yeah, I'm a friend of Connan Mockasin
wanna let go
Get your hands of my soul, we taking all the control
Focusing, focusing
Writing like I’m Connan Mockasin
You’re tripping I’m clapping, what’s
see me ballin like space jam 
Walk in my shoes you can not go ham 
Fuck boy run that mouth I  go connan
Wildin in the paint deniss rodman
Nuts hang
At the top like my n***as was chosen
We was up them late nights like we Connan
Chain 2 tone bi like Makonnen
If I find a supplier it's snowin
Got the eagles
à Matéos
Tu veux test? Tu crois qu'tu y es presque
Que je te blesse comme Connan, tu n'es qu'un dos d'âne face à l'Everest
Un jour j'aurai le salaire de
ça déboite
J'reviens te mettre les idées en place
Nan je ne rate aucune occase
Demande a mes lossa comme Connan
On te pète ton ossature avec des

Head and toes awahh
a fair day
In a strange way

Time passes swift
New things appear
People shy
Ask your name
Say goodbye one more time
Say goodbye

1B4 exercise
32 leafs
64 pages
7 millimeters (Burp)

A4 oh a tree

1, 2, 3


Head and toes above your brother lover the

Head and toes

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