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Conjure One · Conjure


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That the story they will tell
Conjures up an ageless spell
Guarded by the Sentinel

So it goes forever more
Ever steady to the core
That the sign
my weakness shows you make me think of coats and ties
Of babies home security and jobs that last from nine to five
I could conjure up the constant
can't you see I'm more than just a man

If you don't bring me coffee in my favorite cup
You're make it necessary for me to conjure up
of love, stir up passion's fire 
Conjure up familiar lusts, stir up past desires 
What we had then, we don't have now; And I would just compare 
I refuse, I
Will you conjure
Up the light
Star don't matter
Much at all

Feel too good now
To bring the voices
To break the silence
Filled with sound
conjure up my muse
She's my means to achieve a simple quota

When it's make or break 
Make no mistake
She appears like lightening in a bottle
I catch
Are you ready for the letdown? 
Can you conjure up the letdown? 
Behind your eyes it's hard to tell what you've been self-creating

Are you
inside the atom that spins it round and round
There's magic in some words, some things you can't explain
That conjures up that feeling of the sun inside
If you want to conjure up a ghost
Cultivate a space for the things that hurt you most

Rake the sands until they surface
Blind their tiny eyes
conjure up a secret potion to steal your heart and make you mine

All I've got is a four-leaf clover it's my only good luck charm 
But I get a magic
Or will you be smiling
When the sun conjures up
A broken spell au clair de lune?

As you draw the shade
Cloak of night
You know
To conjure up its endless strings 
Of green magic handkerchieves 

Could you only see what I've seen 
You would surely know what I mean 
I think I must
You conjure up your courage and you finally make the telephone call
You get a busy signal else it rings and no-one answers at all
And then your
and sand

And you appear as I descend
A soft outline all poised and feather light
I come into the darkness now
To conjure up a dream and close my eyes
The day vanishes
Withers like trodden grass
Our whispers are wafting along by the breeze
Through an open passage

Absorbed by the night
(Or as close as possible) 
As close as possible 
As close as possible 
As close as is allowed 

Oh, my name still conjures up deadly deeds
that ever made sense to me
Oh, it is hard but it is easy
It might seem wrong but it’s so right

So let us conjure up the feeling
And paint
If I could conjure up a miracle
Find comfort in the spiritual
I guess I'd pray for some serenity...but that ain't me

And the way things are goin'
night out loud 
What a lifetime we have

So when you're old and broken down 
And you can't conjure up a sound 
Don't despair, my darling 
The tubes
If you conjure up a fear
Make it loud so I can hear the tambourine
I just want to let you know
I could be your suicide policeman

Don't you go
remembrance of the adversary 
I conjure up the lion will; 
like to linger with you till the
And pretend the winter has given
To spring
Conjure up guilty reminders together
And fade into this like we
Submit, sanity
Taught to tease them
Follow me all the way
Your dues will soon be paid
Conjure up a prayer
Walk alone to prepare
Conjure you up 
Conjure you up 
So it didn't seem like
It didn't seem like

I was conditioned 
I was conditioned about that 
So it didn't seem like

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