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Mind died
Needs to be resuscitated 
Beat bangs in my head
Words are conjugated 
Keep rhymes 
On time people congregated 
I will strive 
To tell no
mastery over conjugated verbs and nouns
Yo, you are now working with a renowned
Master with mastery over conjugated verbs and nouns

Civilian sings, I
Tell of the birth
Tell how war appeared on earth

Thunder and herbs
Conjugated sacred verbs
Musicians with gongs
Fertilised an egg with song
These niggas are really fucking bums, bitches is bums, I don't even know why the fuck I ever fucking
Conjugated with bitches
Yo, tell them like "I
as the time we spent over solid weeks

These simple things become complex 
Words conjugated between peach cigarettes
SMoke suffocating distant regrets 

That I
the failures and winners 
Rebels the vultures and devils, indulgers
Angels and Rainmen and simple mundane men 

Underrated, overrated 
Conjugated, separated
what Corona is
We've gone through much worse than this
We've conjugated rise to dive
We've managed to teach and survive

So tell me
We will prevail
never graduated
But my verbs are conjugated
I cultivated
The best
Fucking hashtag blessed
Can't match my finesse
Nothing bout me repressed
just like drake
I I’m tryna keep my fortune
And my faith
Sophisticated conversations
Different language
Used to walk this way
made it
Makes me write so aggravated; scatterbrain and agitated
Numbers, they are all inflated; compensation conjugated (Trap)
I'm not trusting anybody;
A display of our art and these talents we conjugated 
Gazing at the stars felt so cold, alone and naked 
Screaming I got dreams and I got a right to chase em!
We're the eyes of God but more complicated
In paradigm, perception dated
We're separate while conjugated
It's juxtaposed when contemplated
daily to fucking daily 
Lunatic riding hard so the night can't hold me down 
King material watch me take back my crown 
Literal take me literal conjugated
be educated, be conjugated, be the Lord's right hand man
Go up above without being banned
'Cause I wanna travel, discover new lands and be praying for
and condescended
I felt silly, you looked splendid
Laughing words we conjugated
Singing songs we always hated
Open up your eyes
Open up your eyes
I've got
I'm actually hated
I'm back
Im activating
I activate
Verbs conjugated
Bitches don't understand, we don't relate
Thinking we live by fate, go on a date
of a saturated sky
Share some conjugated meaning
Watch the light drip down your face
And when you leave I'll feel the same, oh

I don't mind you leaving when

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