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The 118th session of the US Congress is now in session
The first bill on the floor today is senator [bleep] bill
Concerning the abolition of all
for call centres
And lower rates of pay

[repeat chorus]

And they've brought their fascist boot boys
And they've brought the boys in blue
And the whole
originally, it made them all look like jerks, 

And to boot, it was a lotta work

Now looking back, we can safely say, their efforts had a pay day, 

was it right right right? 
who is left left left to fight for? 

i can't even recognize myself in spit shine mirrors, 
boots in endless miles
for shoes
Fuck your Republican views
Pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, where the fuck are the boots?
And streets act as a narrator, don't gotta
I tried to rise but my wings fall as this world is collapsing
Cause puppets polluting Congress
And COVID the new bubonic
The revolution's coming
the roof
I pound the ground with my boots
Now get outta my booth
I'm so loud
That I lost and found the crown of my tooth
Don't go pout about the youth
Hypnotized by your pride in the stars and stripes
Congress sells our rights to the highest bribe
I guess oppression is American as apple pies
You’re a bible-beltist preacher
You’re the spit that’s out of spite
You’re the raging, fucking lunatic
That Congress can't indict
You’re the shit beneath
Greta Thunberg won't you make those old men cry
They were shaking in their boots as you sailed in on the tide 
When he heard that you were coming old Dave
At the very same time that America refused to give the negro any land (Yeah uh yeah)
Through an act of congress (Word on the street is Yung Leg
still flying 
Like my stewardess
Only thing the same
Is the members of Congress
An US trying to 
Bomb shit
To show off 
They dominance

They kill you for
660 billion a year is what's spent by congress
But no money for world hunger come on lets be honest
Cause y'all are real dishonest how do you even clear
Thinking blacks are thugs
When the real thugs are sitting up in the Oval Office
Up in the UN, the financial headquarters
And up in Congress

See they want
Well the south congress whores they is a movin' on down the line
They moved the cinema west down to Interstate 35
The Ho's got their Johns following
Worlds burning and you askin whose payin to fix it
Like an unvaccinated patients dying last wishs
Killing brown children and kissing the boot
But you
It's Boots on the ground and they pound into submission like
Cobra cobra
When I'm in battle mode
I'm here to get my war on
Master strategist from
Told HR to gimme the loot
Chicago Public Schools gave me the boot
And I still ain't recovered
Rather be jobless or in Congress
Pushing envelopes
The spook who sat by the booth
I'm too loose from my noose
A deuce deuce in my boots
I shoot troops through they suit
Move you like I'm link wit the flute
I'm a kill him like Rick Ross
I wish I could talk to Congress in 600 fucking rounds, bitch
Get me ringed with Harris and I'll kill her in a round
I'd break into a vacant space ship
And Take lift 
As if my uber was suspended
I'm chillin in superposition 
Alive and Dead with boots to contribute
your heart away

The sheriff wore Polyester suits and cowboy boots, He was wild
But when the mills shut down the workers knew they had a friend
Beam me
I've been a saint for the longest
Paint me a felon why you don't paint congress that
Steadily trying to disarm us
Crisis actors getting paid to alarm us
The bestest gear
I must appear
Elections here
I need your votes
The candidate
No bamma shit
We conning Congress
Canvas monsters
Art we

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