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Confirmation of inspiration

And I don't know anything

I've seen your face
Your state of grace
I've watched this world
And how it turns
And I don't know
Sleeping girl, I want you you to smile

Moment of truth
Know what she says
I can't take it
I wanted the truth
But I know I can play, this
the stuff they've got
How'd you make a have out of a have not
Who needs information
When you're working underground
Just give me confirmation
We could
The rhythm and blues
Like bird
When he thought of this melody
The message he played on his horn
Was the steady confirmation
That he discovered
The sound
no soldiers
Just pharmacists and sneaks
Skin like paper, light as confirmation wine
Wade in the water 
Wade in the water 
Wade in the water 
the confirmation
I'm the inclination
The determination
I'm a helping hand down in neverland
I'm a sycophant
I am mega-man

I'm the falling rain
I'm your
Tell me that you love me as often as you can;
Let me know that I'm your one and only man.
Give me confirmation with every passing day.
A love
we had was gone
If you need for me to tell you
Confirmation of the truth
Our love is over
Our love is over

Time to turn the pages
Time to start
Watch me weep
All's determined

I exist for copulation of your mind

I exist for confirmation of the beast inside
Dirty thoughts for deviation of truth
faith is tested beyond my eyes
Confirmation's leading the blind
Take me down to where the peaceful waters flow
So I can be at peace of my mind

I am
I've lived this life 
And tried everything 

But I don't know anything 

Confirmation of inspiration 

And I don't
Face the darkness, let go your soul
Nocturnal confirmation, you'll love the cold
We race across the skies
We bring the gift that never dies

666, we
the nation,
Interest of conflict.
Lost your patience,
Symptoms of a hostage,
God bless the nation,
walked like the fearless child
What was fastened we've unlocked revealing wondrous wild
And in search for confirmation
We have jumped into the fire
I told you all about it
There was nothing I could do
I told you all about it
Every word I said was true
She gave me confirmation
And she made me
It's so hard to be so far out
Living our separate lives
Your phone was really broken
I tried your number twice
If you need confirmation, baby I
Sacramental ceremony
People's temple of the holy
Sepulcher for salvation
Suicidal confirmation
Forgive me father for i have sinned
You will
they get what you've been saying
This whole time
You can look for confirmation
All your life
But you ain't gonna find much better than this

I'm half a crazy man
Waiting for a confirmation
Signs keep changing
I need some more information

Some tricks of the light
You never know
you is confirmation
Then I'll be living truth, those moments 
That I long with you

Ooh baby, my love is on fire
Ooh baby, my heart is on the wild
two, sixty-three, just call me

So you made up your mind to make this visit
Checkin' up on people is my business
You needed confirmation for
It might be over soon, soon, soon
Where you gonna look for confirmation?
And if it's ever gonna happen
So as I'm standing at the station
It might
knock-out punches for the freaks 
Happy little babies with red cheeks 
You will rock them gently out of sync 

Confirmations through the wire 
The information I was given as follows:
Take care not to fall in love
For confirmation I was given as follows:
Take care not to fall like dominoes

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