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Breaking out this stifled room
A jail cell, a stell tomb
To see the light
My mere existence
God's kill in sight
Confined in madness

We will not be denied
Our heart, truth and pride
We can not be confined
These we will live by
We will not be denied
Our heart, truth and pride
And all that once confined us like minutiae at its finest now is gone

Oh sweet sorrow
Lets write the book tomorrow


I am happily
hands tied behind my back
I stand helpless waiting
Confined to this breaking point
I don't stand alone

How have I forgotten
The source of control?
Home on the floor, you can hit me once more
Will power is dead and gone

This guilty deed of mine
My life, I'll decay before my time
I'm being myself, I'm all confined
Em's paid to tonight with a hunting knife
A fire, a wiry frightened disease
Speak your piece, speak your mind
Leave no points undefined
We may be undermined
Numbers assigned and then confined

They will try to realign
Grown so tired of the burning inside
Rising above
Live confined time to leave it behind
Leave it behind
Brick by brick got to tear it all down
We're marooned on a small island, in an endless sea
Confined to a tiny spit of sand, unable to escape,
But tonight, on this small planet,
an endless sea,
Confined to a tiny spit of sand, unable to escape,
But tonight, it's heavy stuff
Packaged synthesized versions of you

We've all made petty fortunes but we can't afford a life
Confined to pull-out quotes and hotel rooms
They all
Someone like you wasn't meant to be defined
Or confined or even met eye to eye
Just there to be explored and then all the while adored
Tourniquet binds, tether reminds, clean but confined to eyes
Carceral time, brutal, refined, distractions define
Turn on channel 3
The worst form of imprisonment is the imprisonment of the mind
For those confined within their mind, knowledge of self is the key
Love will set you free
the answer to make it right
And so I seek

Isolated inside these walls
I do my time
Solitude is my enemy
I stay confined
Had to learn how to live again
All tears, restrained for years
Their grief is confined
Which destroys my mind

An ode to their plight is this dirge
Some yearn for lugubrious
denied, organized and confined!
No place to hide!
No place to hide!

There is no place to hide
Plugged in your mind
Conformed design

To concede
Confined I'm confined
Strapped to my side
In motion I'm bound
In suspense

Seclusion alternates
Only between hope
in line
Commit to sin
Programmed mind, self-confined wall closed in
Greed controls our lives
Money kills
Taught to think and act and lie
Ungodly act of disaffection
Stranded and confined

I'm the havoc, the vulture of transmission
Coroner and king
The art of true extinction

Sunday morning I'm confined
But the last time I could understand
What's left in me? I don't know
But I wanted to be there tonight
Holding on I
and go

Do you feel good, do you feel fine
Did you achieve what you had in mind
Do you live cool, not too confined
What can you tell this old heart
much pressure on me

Never mind you'll be blind,
You're confined to a paranoid mind
Never mind you'll be blind,
You're confined to a paranoid mind

the plague of a nation 
Consumed by intoxication and confined by a crippling greed 
In my rage 
I walk the path of true change 
Commitment sworn in

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