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The reality is my people have given the world
So many styles of music you know so many styles
So why should I confine myself to one?
We want
How does it feel ??? we all made sure here another mile,
5 years expire attempting seemly airless time
Restrain everything I have
Confine the gun it
scraped by humanity
Darkness confines every injury

I must make witness with bitterness
Concealed existence of countless dead
I'm not a walking form
If there is only this one existence
Be this the darkest of my days

If I am meant to indure
Let the world falter
Beyond the confines of man

a confine of serenity
Sealed windows and doorways feel
Like decrepit paintings on the walls

Pieces of immovable art
Grow an everlasting flavour
Al confine coi miei pensieri
Scivolo sull'erba dei campi
Onde su onde i desideri
E sogno di averti al mio fianco
Ma segno la mia zona
Morire qui per te 

Il confine tra i miei sentimenti è così sottile 
Che non riesco più a ragionare 
E non capisco se 
Ti odio o sono
viaja al filo de una idea

Somos la única libera radio
Que alerta pone a la ciudad
Va mas allá de su confines
Somos la única libera radio
Que en
to silently insist

And when I'm in the confines of crawling walls, you hold me in place
The ripples on the ceiling the avenues, unsugared taste
Waste away
when you're no longer alive

Inhume your gloom within a tomb
Confine your mind behind a line
There's only doom outside your room
Confine your mind
Un viaje en un sentido
Tiene sentido sin un retorno
Sin estaciones ni confines
Solo horizontes pero no muy lejanos

En este carrusel frenético
that confine me
To a past I can't escape

Words that are unspoken are now reminders
Each second dies a silent death unmourned
I tried as a martyr
Su quel confine
See'era scritto proprio così
L'ultimo che esce spenga la luce e poi
Che nessuno possa vedere
Questo povero paese
Tra le rovine
Continue to confine
I saw a glimmer in the eye
Of anyone that tried to shine
With the light
From inside
It's unbeatable I find
That every single time I
Beyond confines of constellations
In wraithform forever to abide

Transcend the ebony gates
Guarded by the outcasts of fortune
To colossal limestone
We'll redesign
Where we combine
To be divine
Love in us

Give me the sign
View these confines
We start to shine
Love in us

if it done
Let nobody dare confine us
I'll bury anyone who does

But it doesn't matter now
Just come and love me how
Like the way you used to do
Tactful and discreet, the bell tolls five.
Still raining outside, the bell tolls five.
Still hard to confine, the bell tolls five.

How much have we
in your prison state of mind
With due prominence, no letter of consequence
There's no future to rely

Designs that confine, pressure 'til the end

Sai che fra un'ora forse piangerai 
poi la tua mano nasconderà un sorriso: 
gioia e dolore hanno il confine incerto 
nella stagione che
confines you

I'm never the same
I'm never enough
There's something dead inside me
I fell all alone
And couldn't get up
With no one there to guide me
That night I never came home.
Wandering souls captured my thoughts
Emptiness filled my mind.
Urgency spoke her lies.

In the confines of these
Cursed by nature
Hence sea confines...mystifies
Haunting the mortal mind
Since the mist of time
As a myth, it had survived

Praised, was, their
Prey, right now
Principally, I'd follow
If I could fly, I'd fly away
Bullshit time confine today
Reason? logic? nothing really
New passes my way

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