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Full confidentiality
I'll take it to my grave
Your secret's safe with me

I know what you're trying to hide
Obsession that wakes you at night
I know
dug thee,

Sit back, relax,
I promise you confidence in confidentiality,
Here your life will stand still,

(Fading ink) will try to ease the pain,
photographs of me, then it's true, that you.
Must sign this confidentiality agreement right here,
telling you, what to do.
'Cause if you run the pics you got
Confidentiality, all my plans to get richer. 
Then I, Master my role as my plan unfold. 
Right moves, make sure the left hand don't know. 
Words from a wiser
see me in confidentiality
In my secret place can I really be
Brutally honest
Will you still take me as I am when my mistakes are a mountain
And I
Till you out the door for sure, ya
(I was a lion) ya (And she was a cheetah) ya
Her infidelity
My sense of confidentiality
Causing calamities then what
of people knocking on my door
But if you want I’ll let you in on the ground flood
But there’s a confidentiality agreement that I need you to sign

Confidentiality, my personality drains back into reality, 
when will they stop staring at me? 

And I'm falling upside down (keep an eye on me)
Look me in my eyes know you into me, yuh
Look me in my eyes feel this energy
Look me in my eyes, ya
Baby lift yo confidentiality up
Look me in my eyes
want confidentiality
Don’t want a mention
I don’t want the tension
I just wandered to reality
From odd dimensions
When I pull up at the venue
speak any blasphemy
Or confidentiality
(Keep my lips sealed eat the beans they never spill)
Shout out to the facility
No haters they’ll clap for me
I cant
Confidentiality is really swell
Fell for the big bonus just to pop shells
Creep in the night at a low crawl
I'm in it for the grind and the long haul
Military mind,
Gladly left me where 
She had found me 
Overdosed on confidentiality
Lusting for some more 
But with Sally

Sally Sally 
I wear a face that seems to be confidentiality
The only eyes that see in me
Know my desperality
And I'm a man who's found his way
By having not a lot
be giving confidentiality
T-Bone gave a brotha love and he turned that shit into 10 gs

And now it's he who sails the seven seas
Left us in
The snitches,the bitches
Be takin' advantages, of the chances
That they be giving, confidentiality
T-Bone gave a brotha' love,
and he turned that
that they be giving confidentiality 
t-bone gave a brotha love and he turned that 
shit into 10 g's 

And now its he who sails the seven 
seas left

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