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Will you accept the charges.
[Usher:]Yes, i'll accept it, whats up?

[Verse 2: Shyne on the phone (JD)]
Sittin in my cell, HEAD ABOUT TO BURST
what to do
But to give you part two of my confessions

And this by far is the hardest thing I think that I ever had to do
To tell you, the woman I
Yea (yea, yea)
Styles I hear you man
This it right here
I'm the King y'all know that
She the queen, came right back
Oh Remix

you hit it, missed like shootin bricks
Son, my beats are hype so I don't need a remix
Porn Theatre Ushers, we're oozing pestilence
Me plus this beat
way I want her) 
I said I really wanna work this out, damn girl I'm tryin' 
It's the remix 

[Repeat: x2]
I got this icebox where my heart used
the Dude
On the way to the telly, we was bumpin' R. Kelly
And right before I cut her, it was confessions from Usher

She ain't used to a thug, she love