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Crucible heats up
Arsenic, mercury
And acid concoct
Hermetic theory
Hydrogen vapors
Exclusion principle
It's never over
For ever practical
away and hide

He started to concoct a plan
To get her to return the feelings that he had
To show her how he thought they were entwined

I see you
- of the Believer
All is whole - no separation between material and spiritual

The Bokor concocts the powder with the poisonous Datura
of those who concoct
Our heads - that's where it dwells
Our hearts - that's where it ripens
Our hopes - that's where it reigns
You'd better never antagonize
derived from or intrinsically inherent

Cold blocks pop, concocts an instant freeze
I'm consistently drawn to the smell of please
Flood brain tips I'm
And then I concoct a black and tan in my brandy snifter
I'ma kleptomaniac Kmart shoplifter
Cash flow gettin' low so I had to pull a job
I found
And then I concoct a black and tan in my brandy snifter
I'ma kleptomaniac Kmart shoplifter
Cash flow gettin' low so I had to pull a job
I found
y'all to get along
Build my rep and step to the song
From jazz to hip-hop the Dog'll never stop
Get busy to the melodies that I concoct
When the raps
Now I gotta show why'all how the west coast rock shit

Concoct and plot shit
Dogg pound oxes


The greatest on this
The speaker needs another dose, concoct 
Concoct the scenario view, in a position of a coroner 
describing current events bent on human
concoct vocals that's libel to make your heart stop
Termination completed, and I'm out like the seasons
Murderin' MC's for no fuckin' apparent reason
back and my room is clean
So I'm really kind of glad that my TV's here
While I concoct my plan to fulfill my dream
Now won't that be wonderful when
So please concoct me some pill I can take (whoops)
While I think of something clever to say (whoops)
So I can look in my mirror made of polished
mo mo most definitely
I concoct to rock, and put you in shock
Not from the past, but I blact like Binac-a
Yeah, the one foots getting ill
you're out of line, you're out of line

They Machiavellian minds concoct their wicked designs
They think they're standing on the side of destiny
oratore's quick ta
Concoct a sicka- flow
So crawl back under your rock
Get off my jock
I'm quicka than minute rice
To split and slice
Rappaz as I entrapped ya
live without it
Give us a place to be, and then we'll absolutely house it

The beat concoct trauma after at a coma
And you will find an exclamation
on nocturnal
Can't watch the clock or stop the time turning
Nothing that the doctor concocts is working
Only the warlock can drop the curse on this earthling
Eats DJ's for dinner on his table set
With cuts he concocts and the party rocks
DJ's want to Xerox it out the box
A professional performer, wheels
than nuclear winters, so concoct the con-tender.
I'm make a nigga change agenda.
Change gender. Change men ta
Feminine. Women in masculine genetalia.
stopped or dropped
They got popped, by the hip-hop rock that I concoct
I'm so nice yo, flowing with the maestro
Murdering and hurting MC's because I'm
on cue world
I fall back, concoct new worlds
I fall out in throbbing swirls
I fall until I stop this world
I fall the fuck off this world
I live down
indiscriminating guests prefer
The sweet and meaty morsels we concoct behind my register
Giving good service plus a smile in a paper hat
Our competition's food is
concoct something ill for real
Come into my laboratory where you can't stand still
And the funk keeps banging, to all my peeps hanging

On the block

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