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So we have to

Form a thought that hasn't been conceptualized
Progress into tomorrow

I wonder what would happen
In a place where
your head
Muscle memories of you I  can't forget

A time to realize
I am on my own
I am the keeper
Of these weary eyes
That I Am
Or do, but don’t conceptualize
Through peace & love I learn to be brave, yeah
I’m all ‘bout first impressions
So let’s talk about the one you left
and conceptualize what I feel inside
I look in your eyes and I forgot the time

I am alive, I am alive, I am alive, look into my eyes

The sunset's what I wanna feel,
Conceptualize the thought process for ya kids
Manifest destination how we choose where we live
By the beach how I'm bussin her cheeks all through
Oh, hey little brother
You've got so much to discover
Can't you conceptualize
What you're doing to our mother

Those drugs that you choose
gotta free your mind you are the master or the slave

Magnetize what you conceptualize because your thoughts become things
This is the law
Conceptualize, wrong or right
The ending of life...
God save me now...

Time... end it now
No going back
Can you see the light as you pass
Ending wars,
pterodactyl lights
Bring the full gats and precious metals if you true dat
Get wise with medical supplies
Conceptualize and plan
Or get caught with your ass
and you've gotta go
I want you to stay
Yeah I want you to stay
Purple emotion, I can't conceptualize
And all the darkness, I can't romanticize
on rhymes
The lines that conceptualize the
Left and the right
Bring em together like
Birds of a feather and
Tether the brethren who
Know they align
to recognize
Instead I let them negative thoughts weapononize
But now I conceptualize the better vibes
& I do that so my queens can have better lives
So with
That there's someone better
Please be mine
I'm sitting in my room
Talking to the moon as if it's gonna give me an answer on what to do
Lie, oh
to love is to need
Am I too drunk to conceptualize that I want you for more than just your eyes? Liquor not water in my family tree
You feel like a goddess
Or so they say
But that doesn't seem to stop me from feeling
The same way
And it's hard to
Conceptualize anything when I don't even know what I look
frame nigga that can't be held back Man
This ain't maintained
This ain't nothing that I even conceptualize
This shit is different
Nigga I'm going off
Ya I rise they all wanna get on my dick
Watch 'em synchronize conceptualize
All this in my mind since I was a
Now I'm flyin' wherever there's
Wash away my non dual stench to be what I am no but I will become
Document conceptualize latticework Collapse into the rapture first
the way life is 
Eye don't like this

We have no answers to the most important questions 
Because the way we conceptualize is flawed 
As such we come across
on Applegate
Bite what’s in-sight
And we fight to imagin-ate
Don’t over conceptua-lize the immacu-late
That’s what The Metaphor, no need to elaborate…
Plant the seed 
Be the dream you see in your life 
With your heart the dreams 
It's hard to see 
Hard to breath 
When all you
Don't you come and 
Conceptualize me
Romanticize struggle, or see it as
Some sort of beautiful
Don't you touch me and 
Don't you expect
to repetition
To repetition, just recognizing recognition who don't recognize tradition 
Who can't conceptualize what's missing
Maybe we should trade positions
Break underneath 
I will condemn you to the abyss 
Darker than the blind can conceptualize
Fuck everything you hold to be genuine 
Within the realms

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