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It's not down to you to change the way I'm feeling
Eyes are open heart conceding
What comes from above
Is not ever enough
I see you lose your power
bout the shit that I lost
Shit that I lost
Shit that I lost
You ain't know the pain just to get to this spot
Conceding I'm not
See me on top
Previously I
Maybe I don't trust
The way I live
I'll be losing now
Without conceding
But I, I will
Barely notice all that happens
I will keep on going without
I’ve backed down
Conceding that I’ve lost at this fight for too long
I'm washed up
Surviving on a beach with nothing to eat
I’m down and out
I’m here,
on believing
The future is mine
Sometimes you get tired of conceding
You're the last in the line

And everything seems fine
Till you're blindsided by time
Your a Masterpiece rare discovery who's watching else but me
I'm conceding your appeal your appealing baby
You are prime and timeless a misfortune
In what you tell me to
I need to start conceding
I'm what I am to you

She's the meaning 
Of a pessimist 
I'm the aching 
from your slipped disc
End of time yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm conceding til the end of time
Thanks for talking me out my mind
Can't proceed yeah I hate disguise
Got me sick like
I stand screaming, bleeding
Started feeling
This collateral damage from leading
Fading in the aftermath
Scarred by the creed of man
on my hands
There’s dirt on my face
Well I’ve been traveling through mud; I’ll do it with grace
My mind has reached its breaking
Gotta quit conceding
Worms from the promised words
To lace the endless feed
Behind, the cries, there lies, conceding to subscribe
Where the flag, flies high, upon this

How those bastards sing their praise
Until the time comes, they'll relinquish those days

Save it for the people

You are a machine taking
colliding at Africa's hope
Have you followed the sunset to southbound euphoria
Before conceding your dreams to be broke
Before conceding your dreams to be
'cause I can't see now
It's coming to an end
I guess you've won, 'cause I'm conceding
And I concede, and I concede, and I concede I'm holding on

a familiar face
Feel like I've seen her before
Feel like I needed some more
I'm not conceding no more
She said that I'm conceited
Only care about myself
But I
I get what I want when I'm all up in my feelings
And I think that you're concealing
The very thing that you're needing
Boy, you need to stop conceding
broken, guess that's how it be
That don't wanna see me succeed
Never will you catch me conceding
So high that I'm floating
Clouded mind
Thinking without
feelings you speak  
You've taken their meaning from me  
So don't deny
Your heart is beating
Coz mine keeps conceding and so
May I hold my last breading
Incessant depletion of life, loss becomes our way
Negativity carries us on and shall carry our carcass away
Bleeding, dreaming, conceding to crush
promise I've got no pride I'm conceding defeat
And everytime I wake up
I'm imprisoned but I'm free

I promiser I've got no pride
I'm conceding defeat
And self-destruction course
And coming last conceding second best to you

And if on judgement day I'm told to make my way
To take a blasting
won't unite!

What are we conceding for our freedom?
Why does anybody think we need 'em
I would rather fight,
Than let another die.
We're the problem,
noticed it
When the wheels brace and the tires grip
A map we've been misreading
A defeat we're not conceding
Until now
There must be some other way out

I received my invitation to your party and I hope that you don't think that I'll attend
Although I'm not conceding or a smarting
I still recall

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