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All Blessings
Conceded to the vibe don't test it
Let the ease fill you mind, no stressin
There's no fee for the ride and no exit
All Blessings
see it
Micheal Jackson how I beat it you
Know that I am undefeated who's
Fucking bitches while conceded ouu

She's with that shit
She let me hit
Am I conceded or
Is this the way the world works

I see myself
In everything
Am I conceded or
Is this the way the world works

I'm making cases
Lil mama acting conceded
But she let me beat it
She need a nigga she can be wit that don't tell her secrets
Type I been looking for my whole life
ay baby
I conceded in your eyes la-lady
Sort of feeling multiply my age yeah
I conceded for the only bit of meaning I know

Burnt cigarette lent cold
feel it, conceded
Can't live without that
I can't live without that

We are black as velveteen
Focused on our energy
Like the sound of tambourines
don't care about living long as they die fresh

Avoiding the precinct, ducking my demons
Some say I'm conceded, act like I need 'em
Praying five times
All the photos I saved deleted
And all the time I made mistakes conceded
Why you on my mind girl
You took a while to find
You come along for
My broken hearted ballerina
I can see that you conceded
Baby girl you got me dreaming
Slit my wrist you got me bleeding oh
On the highway got me
She got a bag for me well I tell her bitch I need it
And I just smiled in his face but made his bitch swallow semen
Niggas ain't on attack boy yo
Lost every chance we needed

Just like the sand our lives will slip right through their hands
They say to stand but we don't take no damn demand
the headlights on the beach
And pray for those we won't reach

It's time for what you believe in to arrive
And it's time for what you've conceded to arrive
Conceded but yet still I'm fighting
Don't feel it but it's so inviting
Why does it hurt so good
Why does it hurt so good
So I know there's something we're
With all that's been conceded
There's nothing to believe in
When everything is even
Nothing else is needed
With all that's been conceded
All bruised up, I've had enough
This back and forth is way too much
I have repeated
That I have conceded
What's got you believing
That I'm being
Sometimes I'm misleadin'
Don't mean to sound conceded 
Cut me and Im still bleeding 
So used to the pain I need it
They just want more from me 
the clouds
You’re my rock when I hate myself
I’ll never look at you that way I’ve conceded and you’re to blame

In a state of regress 
Exposing the weak
mere mortal mind has been deleted
Now my seraph in your time is now depleted I conceded
Motherfucker leave it
Nigga just leave it
Our connection is
Sweet when it's sour
Moon walking to the back of the house
No I can't repeat it
But read the room she fiending, yuh
No this ain't conceded (Ya)
Shades up
to success and I know that women add stress and that not what I been Needing
I'm out here tryna be the best
Without being conceded I got my head on straight
respect, I don't need it
I can tell how he walk, he conceded
Yeah, yeah
I don't need no one to see me
They only gon' call when they need me
Yeah, yeah
If I'm
The mind inside the mind's not mine
Conceded to find, that I'll never really find
The time, the place that placed the days
Defaced the ways I can't erase
conceded in the rhythm
You can see that I just kinda sounded like a villain
Really killing
Monday time just came out for the season
I can see the joy that's
to kill one
Show me your love is available when I need it
I wanna fuck you and keep you all conceded conceded

They on that white boy shit wave ridin'

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