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Watch us fly
Diamonds fallin’ out the sky
Can’t comply
I just gotta check
On the line
Can’t comply
Swervin’ switchin’ lanes
Say goodbye
Can’t comply
must comply, The rules they say we must comply
The rules they say we must comply, Saying that all hands are tied
The rules they say we must comply
the sky yuh yuh
My eyes are keyed up on the Prize
These shitty lives that they provide
Oh no no no
I wont comply I wont comply
I wont comply I wont comply

If you feel that all your time is gone
Let me sooth all your concerns
You are free to do what you want!
As long as it follows protocol
Unite your
I won’t comply
If God brings you to it he will surely bring you through it many times I thought this will it be the end
Open up to my best
comply, I will comply

Fuck me Sunday
Don't hold my door on Monday
I will not subject in full
It feels conflicting
My moods are contradicting 
But I like
Comply, Comply, Comply, Comply
Comply, Comply, Comply, Comply
comply with your tricky world vision
Tommy Lugo say

Tricky tricky tricky tricky tribulation
Inna Babylon
Sick sicky, sick situation
But the world goes
you withdrawing your piece
Now I got my hands up 
Why you aiming at me
Telling me to comply I could end up deceased
It's a war outside
And we praying
Open wounds I ain't gonna lie
All these times I should have died
Street life it's do or die
You living fine just comply
Open wounds I ain't gonna lie
and I don’t settle
I don’t comply
Being me is much better
I don’t want to be liked
Don’t believe in what is right
What is right today?
Who decide what
This is not a threat, won't comply
Not a setup
Talking to myself oh you think you know me better
Talking to myself but nobody know me better
Voices in my
that's all i want
I'm running straight into the fire
I'll do whats required to get my desires
Until my life's expired
I wont comply go fuck society
I was
Obey, Conform, Comply, Execute
These are orders you will take
Destroy all that you hold in your heart 
I will ensure you suffer
Obey, Conform,
Man I’m so high I can’t come down
Stick em up give em the run down
If he do not comply he get gunned down
Clack clack it’s a man down
I just popped
Only name I proclaim
Is the name of

The name ima glorify
By your will I will comply
We lift your name up high
Proclaim it till we die
I be getting high to balance the lows
I'm on the rise me and the bros
Now I know why I keep me a pole
She don't comply when she on the pole
See I get
No use holding me steal the blood in my eyes.
No use forcing my arm to comply with your greed.

Sons of society.
You keep me satisfied - you keep me
Comply or die

No one can touch me so why would I change
It's so fun to play with your dystopian cage

Comply or die

My whims your life
My pain your
around stuck in this race cause we're all clowns
Surrounded by the sheep and people blindly follow others leads
Don't question it and just comply and you
to sink or swim
Go free)

Only one on my side
To defy is suicide
Rather die than comply
Swim 'til I reach the sky

(Here I go
Time to sink or swim
Go free)
wanting us to comply
The media is a lie
Where the truth has gone to die

They change it to fit their needs
Advocating perspectives
That will blind
rights all disappear
It's through this fear they've made us all comply
With our imprisonment now don't you wonder why

But I'm not the only one who smells
miracle I'm up in the sky
Way to many people asking me why
Or how I did it but I never comply
Did I do it imma always deny

She put me under I'm mesmerized

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