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lyrics on my lips
Compiling everything that I got to make my hit
When I hit the scenes I ma change it
People gonna ask Who is this
Me Aristo yeah
Long time
In idle further down
The isle lead us to the sound
Juxtaposed unparalleled
In fold our eyes will swell

Compiling our thoughts
Comparing wills
tried all my best
Mentally compiling the list
Of all the items I’ve missed

The work is going great, so it seems
But as I’m looking closer, the fat fly in
You light a fire 
And you make my bed in it 
You're the bad voice 
Compiling stacks 
Of honest lies inspired by the facts 

You're the bad voice
the time compiling notes
pouring over everything
that I’ve ever observed of you in the field
You aren’t human
Oh daddy
You aren’t human
(I’ve spent the time
So we doin' it our motherfuckin' self you feel me
So look man me and DZA in here just compiling, 
We makin the best emcees list, you know
These failures writes themselves in past and present tense
They're compiling these guidelines on giving up
But I've got a comma in my pocket,
down existence it seems to burn all by itself
And we don't care 

So I just keep on smiling while all the bad compiling
My teeth are white
down existence it seems to burn all by itself
And we don't care 

So I just keep on smiling while all the bad compiling
My teeth are white
to multiply mental shock relentless and leaning
compiling the list alone at the top before
before it was not this way i did
And they would wrestle me, pester me, mess with me, just trying to free your soul

[Chorus: x2]

Grab hold and do not let go
Grab hold and do
really like it 
Buh my shit don't matter
Only shit that matters 
Is that pen and paper
Better start compiling all the chances I done gave you
When a niqqa
go insane
As every day goes past they keep compiling in your brain
Depression got you locked up in the shackles and the chains
And on top of that
the siren (Yeah)

Fighting this crap grasping on the pen gimme pages 
Who's compiling the battlefield contract
Glued up to the tweets they won't stick for
are you a gold digger?
Lie detectors faulty ,earth to truth transmitters
Versus the propaganda self defending criminals building compiling pictures
Gotta stack of dead rappers In caskets let's give 'em closure
I'm sorry doc them voices keep compiling
My ringers off fingers crossed I'll try to keep 'em
as a surreal strangeness
When you ask what's on my mind
Circuits in my brain
Run program
Compiling everything that has ever managed
To storage unit
Dust collect
the heat I'm compiling
We striving to connect to the source
Sorta like live stream, I'm up next they slyzing
If life is a bitch I gave it tiger bomb just
fillin' him
Kill them with Ritalin
Shoutin' like Dovahkiin
Anger compiling when people conspiring
They speakin' the truth, but I say they lyinin'
the tube man
New mind off the kickstand
2 cycle to get that
Knievel I implant
Dum shit
I've been compiling figures
In mind
My manifestation
At ultimate
don't sneeze 
The breeze will freeze

My war chests are compiling
All the stuff that I've been mining
King John is redesigning his whole kingdom
I’m looking at a picture collecting dust upon my desk
Like the quantity of carcinogens compiling in my chest
My life’s a fucking mess
line 'em up and knock 'em down 
Like bowlin' pins or whiskey glasses 
Yo, that's Morgan Wallen 
Ladies shake your asses 
I'm compiling assets for
and compiling a scandal
Making music in a pentagram, lighting some candles and I strangled a musician that I’m dying to sample. Me
You’re never going to get it if

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