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Nah Nah Nah Nah ah
There's no competition there's no competing With me
Nah Nah Nah Nah ah
The competitions done you better let me run Its no longer
Got me in my feelings
All I wanted was to hold you
Running around in circles
For shit that I already told you
Competing for your love
Damn it’s like
stunting on you and dat Bitch
She thought she had a real one 
Now you tryna cheat on her with me 
You still in love with me 

There is no competing with
I'm not competing
I'm not one of your hoes
That you keeping on the low
It's Time to leave this getting old
I'm on mission to expose you of truth
bitch you know that I'm the goat

These niggas jokes
These niggas tweakin they gotta be smokin dope
Thinkin I ain't worth competing wit
I'm at all of ya
to take off
Every now and then we try to face reality, but it's forgotten

As this day fades to another
We're all competing undercover
And for what
I don't
They say that im the one
Cah man like me i get it done
I be cotchin in the back 
Drinking rum
Ima keep competing till 
Ive won

They say that im
to breathe
You think it's the luck of the draw
So everyone has to even the score
Competing to see who suffers more
Take it from me no one will win
When their
Everybody be competing like a track meet
And your girl call me daddy
But all these easy girls they don't really attract me

You know that I run it like
Im eating while Ni**as competing
Ni**as is hating on me for No Reason
No Handouts, I Did this alone
While Ni**as hated on me for No Reason
(I always
me - we grew up together always competing)
Umfowethu uyahlupha - ngamehlula njalo noma ngani
(My brother bothers me - I always beat him in every way)
You competing for no reason
I’m big dog they call me Meechie
You some lame some kinda peewee
Don’t come in my lane You can’t be me
Tell me, is it that simple
When we look at ourselves
Fighting, competing to be lord of the universe
Destroying our world
Oh is it that simple?
We from space
Ain't no one competing you know we in first place
I got that bass
That foundation
My team winnin
We are the nation

We from space
With the devil i'm not competing
Seeing whos the most evil spread the most seed and sin
All of these bitches I swear they be demons
They wanting my
me I'd rather take my chances
Lift this carry that, can't take no more of this crap

Competing in a rat race
Finishing in last place
All I feel is
without speaking
Make moves without walking
Been beasting this evening
Competing or leaving, proceeding with caution
In my own lane, hotter than propane
We some vessels
Drifting through different levels
Competing for the devils
Who think of us as pebbles
Break the cycle don't settle
bitch I'm in my prime
No, they ain't competing, don't know why they even trying
Please don't call my phone, I'm not trying to make you mine
Yeah my watch
the mask
To hide the bleeding
Nursery no feeding
My ex always needing
All these rappers be competing
But I don’t care if I’m leading
Good evening
missing in the shade of a park
If you wanna see the wildlife, well it won't be far
They're all here, they're competing to be called Beastar

Yeah, Let's put
the finer things
That's why Khadijat on his breath like Dalmore 63
Think you competing when there's really no comparing
supposed to get his people right
I'm constant working getting it in yeah so I can buy it all
I ain't competing with nobody if one ball we all ball
Aye I'm
an end
But I can hear my own heartbeat
Competing with a world that doesn't think straight
All because we've stopped dying at the same rate

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