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Second step next language
I selected it
Cant you see it in my eyes?
And Im a competent selector of lies
That will not help you

Second step
Everywhere I look I see
Exclusive huddled
Uninviting shelter
Is privilege
Of the same and competent
Kerosene keeps me warm
I'm alone to watch
Lying there with a ring on her finger
Dying to tell me of her competent lover
If she gives me kisses, chains and three wishes

One sharp knife buried
would be the most competent guardian for you
Than yourself
Always in range
Under detention even at your sleep
Your life a white chalk on a small
there anyone that's competent?
Dismissal but I can't vacate
Forcing my seeds to germinate

Like history in the making
Can we please blur the edges
with a competent mob
It's your job
It's as long as wide and just beginning
Been around for aeons just like me
Grab your money and let's go for all
to operate, it's more than just a chill
But don't you worry, it's all in competent hands
We believe it's under the ribs or one of the glands

walking through the door

And the boxes in my head
Lay down cards in the shed
And it used to be
At your church with all of them there
Competent in

facades that they retrieve

cowardly they disperse

Can they accept

the evident?

Can they appoint

the competent?

What they can't show

of the freedom you had 
Freedom you had 

Look what you've done to your world 
Do you think that you're competent 
Even to take care of it 
Do you think you
we thought we were free
And had control over destiny
We saw ourselves a competent band
Able to reason, prosper and plan
But we had a chamber in
the virtues we lack.

I am intrigued, not merely curious as to why it takes so long to change your mind.
I am competent, not merely adequate, its impossible
Matraque à grand coup de mamelles
Ceux qui passent à sa portée
Ils tombent, tombent, tombent, tombent
Et selon les avis compétents
Il paraît
you plenty competent
So why aren’t you confident
It’s softening to be softening
Then why are you so constant then?
Are we going on a coat ride?
days of crusades and consent, the idiot intent
And though our love was likely your disease is so competent
You're so proud of the few risks you've taken,
We're four boys in corduroys, 
We're not terrific but we're competent. 

Stevie's full of good intentions, 
Richards into rock 'n' roll,
something I'd be proud of someday
Mark my words, I might be something someday

We yell, "right on"
A class act president
You are my boss
I am competent in
is somethin they keep on on tellin me
I don't know nothin
Wanted to conquer the competent, never be pompous
Stay dominant, givin 'em doves and
The flows you breathe in like O2
That go to your head and get you trippin' like toadstools
So you know you be in competent hands
Like a veteran QB who be
fucked up, intoxicants
My flow still so stupid competent
Competition evidently don't know what they up against
Obviously oblivious, in the city I'm
m'dévorer des yeux
    Alors on fait de notre mieux
    Oui achille était tellement nourissant
    Qu'il en était même compétent
    Lui qui était
And lunch could not compliment all
We still become competent souls

These streets ain't paved with no gold
Matter fact someone stole the light bulb
avis compétents
Il paraît que cette hécatombe
Fut la plus belle de tous les temps

Jugeant enfin que leurs victimes
Avaient eu leur content de gnons
compliment all
We still become competent souls

These streets ain't paved with no gold
Matter fact someone stole the light bulb
Nobody fat enough for lypo
Il why a tant de gens competents There are so many competent people
Qui mettent fin a leurs angoisses who put an end to their agonies
En les noyant

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