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Done listening to parents
I'm done with all competence
Just keep on droppin karats
For the niggas who gon' wear it
I'm wheel whippin like Ferris
Come with me
And you will see

Brain dump
Pump and dump a song, chump
Make your holy mind numb
Stealing is your mindset and profession
cœur comme une bijouterie

Chérie, t'es bonne t'es fraîche
Montre-nous tes compétences de sexe
Cherche pas à savoir, tout ce qu'on dépense de fraîche
Some people call me the space cowboy
Some call me the gangster love
And some people call me Maurice
Cause I speak of the competence of love.
the end of me
I gotta fool my friends if I wanna fool my enemies
Dents in my identity
Am I the last Genovese?

My competence outweighs my confidence
filled with accomplishments
Handling all my documents
I got a whole lot of competence
Shawty impressed with my confidence
I do not flex with
buy me a new patek
Get smoked if you talking rec
Got that faded confidence
Just floating on the set

I'm wasted
Off of competence
I need
hate and throw shots at my confidence
Mad cause they lack so much competence
If they not real then they not with us
This has no breaks how you planning
rejected on the basis of what?
And the answer is, well something like competence
How is competence defined?
Well men put themselves in hierarchies and they

Well my halo, cracks
my pride overreacts
a jealous mind corrupted by confidence 
about to show a little competence

I don't really know how
Oh les  braves étudiants, vous soutenir est un devoir afin d'honorer le pays, vous aux compétences avérées
La recherche du  savoir est le chemin de
is set on accomplishments
Know my, competence
Don't care I'm setting my dominance

I'm rapping, you asking, what happened
Ain't lasting, I'm trapping,
bulletins scolaires
Ego trip et arrogance
On dirait moi en version masqué
J'ai les compétences d'un artiste
Pas besoin de l'attester
Ressentir le besoin de
the one that has competence
I am growing wilder,
I am leaving what I was in
I am glowing brighter,
I have the power to win

She is glowing brighter,
si j'aurais la chance
J'vais écrire un rap qui va parler du fait que saisir le présent est une compétence

Académisme apathique
Rien à branler
De ton
mec de quartier
Comme on pourrait tous y croire
Pas assez d'compétences pour la fame
Mes journées se résument
À m'record dans un placard
Ouais dans le
Am okay to boast
All good
We rocking oh from coast to coast
We be coming out
With confidence

And am
ricco si di competences
Questa tipa è dolce come due rocher
Sono teatro e cinema come achille
Un mazzo di soldi, cartier
I tuoi amici belli fra
What we doubted was their competence 
In the one job that they didn't put first 
If they couldn't show each other 
What the fuck could they show
and effect 

Fingers pointing vaguely - The solution's so distant
Confidence's astounding - In lack of competence
Our methods slowly collapse - When corrution
Et j'suis posté toute la journée comme un bosseur
Si t'as pas les compétences, viens pas bosser
Comme toujours on est debout bien avant 10 heures
must go to the ladies room
I left your competence in curlers

You look gorgeous
You look gorgeous
You're looking gorgeous
How you look gorgeous
game in town, a queen of competence
Blind in front of mirrors, proving nothing says a lot
Wham bam, thank you Charles, vanity is all
You wander lonely
Gave me the connect he send me 77 off for me
Money build my confidence
Shawty show your competence
Before I get another bitch cause I be on some

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