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Nigga losing weight, as I'm losing time
See I took a loss, see I lost a mill then I lost my mind
Over compensating with them hoes, over
Without compensating life, without a cost
Without a loss, without owning up to your words
Another purge, another surge
Another victim falls for greed
as my way
Of compensating
Everything to you
How heavy is blood?
Happiness and sadness lies too close

生まれてくる明日の手は 純粋そのままで
an asshole
And I do too.
Over compensating for your small shoes.
Taking her away, but you won't say when.
Hold her in your arms,
Tell her this won't
You're always finding out
 About the things that people never talk about
 I didn't ask to know
 But now I'm compensating as I go
 I know
Chasing the dollars aiming high
Intending that it settle my
Unpleasant feeling felt in me
Since I was little when I was a teen
Compensating for
Giek Heil
Giek Heil Giek Heil
Giek Heil Giek Heil
Giek Heil Giek Heil
Use the phrase you've done it
how are you compensating
Just imaging
it thousands
nothing more to rap
Sort of bored and thought about another quarter tab
Order 20 more wonder like ""who even thought of that?""
Compensating for the sake
dem fake like maggi seasoning
- Chorus -
Verse 2:
I know you‘re just a soul crying for help compensating it with the stories that you tell but if you
Come to my house and she ride slow 
She only just like me for my gold
Big G's but a chigga ain't compensating 
Hating chiggas and faking bitches
I'm tryna run from the handgun
Who is my mum?
I don't want her to become
Another stranger, no income

Compensating damages
Up in my cranium
Who am I?
take it outside

Say, say, say, say no, it's easy
Say, say, say, say no, it's easy

I hear you faking
And I can see
You're compensating
Michael is running his house is three blocks away
Adrenaline compensating for change in age
Since the last that he ran it god dammit
Mike knows
another one

Compensating everybody out there
And how they think about things
That everybody knows isn't true
Well look at this young man
Gonna make
All the little gifts you gave
I call it over compensating
Feeling just like a princess
Every answer was always yes
You had me living in a dream
They can't believe that the swagger is natural
And they concentrate on compensating
We focus on overtakin' our older versions
To grow as a person, too

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