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to throw the rocks at

The standard of comparison
The standard of comparison
The standard of comparison

My soul is not for sale
I have not
don't know 
Collapsing like the twin towers 
Falling down like April showers 
Colossal endless like a marathon 

God knows what makes the comparison
These bitches ain't shit
I'm international and you American, it ain't no comparison
I fuck foreign bitches
These bitches ain't shit
No, no, no, no, no
The price of life is no comparison
Man let 'em in, man let 'em in
Let 'em live, man let 'em in, man let 'em live, man let 'em in 

Man fuck is up with this
could say to us
I let 'em stare if they stare at us
Look at my chain I embarrass 'em
Fuck it, it ain't no comparison

These niggas ain't catching up
comparison is night and day
Only imagine, the things that could happen
But you let go and ran away
Only imagine, the things that could happen
My only
drink so my cup clean now, yeah (my cup clean)
Similarity (similarity)
A speech involvin' the comparison (comparison)
Paranormal actions (yeah)
like me
No comparison, no she don't, she don't
Ain't gon' whip it up like me
She ain't got the recipe
No comparison, no she don't, she don't
Oh no
Unleash the wolves
Carnage has no rules
Comparison, competition
We'll bury one and all, all

Look in the eyes of rage
A loyalty bred of suffering
you gon' say?

Comparisons comparisons, we lock ourselves in a mental prison
Marketeers gon' sell follies around the world so my need is wisdom
It's a crime how I crawl
I grin and bear it
You can't compare it

Marathons of comparisons

The 't' to the 'are' to the 'icky'
You can't get
that's that time flow, baby
I say stop it, no comparisons on that time now, baby
And, oh yeah, I cannot keep it off my mind
Now, oh yeah, they cannot
the price I have to pay 
To have something left to say 
Though the truth won't be dismissed 
It deserves comparisons 
Mastering learned helplessness 
comparison I want to lose
Anything that could separate me from you

I don't want to know a day without you
All of my shadows are gone in the truth
When you
Yeah, ooh

Caught up in specialness
I wish you could see 
That we are kings of bliss
Begging for misery
We get lost in comparison
There is no comparison 
Between things about to have been 
Missing the point of our mission 
Will we become misshapen? 
A change of heart 
failures feel so enormous
But they bend in comparison to You
Lord You, Lord You, Lord
And I can hear you sayin'

Keep your head up, don't look down
Pleasure through comparison
Never out of debts
Inflatable relationships
And electronic pets

What ever you desire
Just let it bleed
A new pair
Light, Green Light+
Ready to stop you, fatal-ly
I'll leave bullets inside your truck the size of +Hot Potatoes+
A comparison's vital - you ain't nobody
heart in pink ribbon 
Cause you give me life with this love that you're giving

There ain't no comparison cause this feel too special 
The way that you
It's so unexpected
I've struggled to find any point of comparison

And now that I've left it
But don't know if I could ever have wanted this
quick like it's medicine
Imma new breed. New origin
Ladies still loving all the melanin
My girl so bad. No comparison
First place ting. No comparison
walk away?
Would you, would you feel the same?

The fear, the smell sets high
In comparison you cover eyes
You pray for these thoughts to die
Happiness and contentment
Come from zero comparison
One hundred percent personal experience

Life gets so wild and so
Free and all this channel

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