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know we're so damn 
Extra naughty baby 
Got the necessary 
Flow, whoa, whoa, whoa 
Extra stimulating 
Just like a rocket
the dark
Now in the dark is where we dance
To radio violence
Communicated, filters through
A lost transmission on repeat
No one else is listening
am ready to fight...

Every memory I remembered
communicated with each other in my world.
But something or someone
scheme to lead me somewhere wrong.
It's time we build bridges instead of walls
And give peace a chance to come across walls
Too long we've been isolated, it's time we communicated
calm down!
I'm on some calm shit watch Com get complicated
Simple motherfuckers say the way that Com communicated
Was too complex, I got a complex not
now -and it won't be long
I'm gonna stay in my home country
And you see it, can you see it?

Let me tell you' bout someone I knew
Communicated but
Been ex-communicated from every holy place
I've been beat up and robbed
I've been left for dead
For the way I look
For the things I said

consequence, constant evidence
A classic content communicated conference
Whether 5 or 6 whether a number misprint
Or if it seems that you heard it before
That's just what God did in the Christian holy book
Why don't you crack it open sit down take a look

God has communicated with us man
The Bible is
You were someone I vent to
All this shit we been through? Really?
Talk is cold, we past cold
Let's communicate, assholes
(Like you communicated
Now that I've communicated everything I feel I think I'll go,
You never really listened and I couldn't have expected you to know,
And now I hate
This sunlight cutting through the open fields
Can't be communicated by radio wave
And through this flashlight keyhole memory
Receive a thousand
what you hear
You say I'm mis-communicated
And it's all in the clear

Like a Polaroid
And its so easy to see
Well is it really paranoia
Or is
To the bottom of the mineshaft
The list of things I used to be is longer than the list of things I am
Ex-lover, ex-friend
Ex-communicated atheist,

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