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Scott Miller & the …  


and the history too

We are the Commonwealth boys
South African village and Jamaican toys
Born to create but trained to destroy
And I am a Commonwealth boy
there again
Life is more than gold; friends are more than old; memories are the commonwealth
Thinking about the only Son, that He may have forgotten
shall know commonwealth again
From bitter searching of the heart.
We loved the easy and the smart,
But now, with keener hand and brain,
We rise to play
of broken chains
Thus always to tyrants
Laugh at the conquered, the victims now betray

And in this Commonwealth
There's merely a common concern for self
on the grass 
Powerful liquor in a hip flask 
Coins from the commonwealth Doubloons from the sea 
A knife in her boot heel A Bonsai tree 
Ice cream in her

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross
We'll toil with hearts and hands
To make this Commonwealth of ours
renowned of all the lands
For those
Taking count humanity is the product
Ever expanding the marketplace, dissolving the commonwealth
Pandemic the damnation, epic

If this is the answer,
Now prophecy must fulfil
Pon babylon the whore

You take the commonwealth and make the common poor
Your tables are turned cause we know the score
Jack but you can't give me a single reason why.
I say there's no 'common wealth' in the Commonwealth, 'cause it's the
Color of your money matters since
(Lyrics: G.Thorpe // Music: M.McGee)
After God and after taxes
The puppets who betray the masses
Reanimate the commonwealth
Innerstructure in bad
night network 
Commonwealth, is there 
To help me, help myself
All I know, is my lonely soul
The remote control
Aoh, America
Aoh, America 
Head down 
Head down 
Head, head, head down. 

Fool of the Commonwealth drove down there, 
Down turnpike; 
Desperate for food desperate for
the Commonwealth (and more!).
He crushed the Scots at Worcester, and beat the Dutch at sea in 1653, and then

He dissolved the Rump Parliament,
And with
used up and there's nowhere else
You'll realize Mother Nature is the Commonwealth

Take me to the sunshine 
Take me to the sun
Take me to the sun
of your so-called commonwealth
We are your foes, annihilators of the sky

Limb from limb
The rites are carved into your forehead
Limb from limb
at the edge of our bodies
A stranger begins wherever I see her.

Let's live where the indoors and outdoors meet
All the kids in the commonwealth are free.
of the commonwealth

I will be rocking, for you
I will be rolling, for you
I will be rocking and a rolling, for you

On the east side, on the west side
All around
I hear the echo now I see it somewhere else
A thousand ways, a thousand days, a thousand towns across the commonwealth
Out on a date but like a dog
700 thousand men and women of the commonwealth forces died in two world wars. 
Of these the remains of 925 thousand were found and their graves are
To whoever within ya commonwealth the top ten

I'm crushing ya crap concoction
To the utmost examine this up close it's shockin'
Now mic droppin' is only ya
Y'all niggas cunts, I'm from the commonwealth
Where wealth ain't common
Where niggas roll around with chrome solvers, looking for problems
Mouth full
To snatching our future kingdom and commonwealth
But where is the promised help?
They distance 'em from it
Well, is this what you wanted?
Man, it's just
Pull up a chair to the aristocracy of commonwealth prophecy
The legacy of generation three isosceles
Logical geometry, illogical melodies
in my hand
Commonwealth, Theriott, White Plains, Randall
Omestead, Bointain, Colgate, Watson

[Fat Joe]
Play rap loud, politicin' business

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