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its second day

In his image this voice made a man
And a woman to love each other
They became the rulers of the world
And the third day was their
Committed to one on one
Solar powered and energetic 
While running off the Sun
Big God, third rock 
He created all that 
Knowdaverbs and Pillar 
But run up and be a gonna
By the most wanted motha fucca in Northern California

Long as the world is spinnin
Whether I'm dead or livin
It's Sac Town
numbing is our world's most used appeal
And numb is the word that our master deals

The center is a constant
And change surrounds it
Change itself does
fuckin' thing I do I'll

Yeah, Immortal Technique, Rassy
Nigga, I never forget nothing nigga

Fifty-one percent of the World Bank is owned by the U-S
the hardest
Bombarded with comments by fans
Like "you the man but how come you still live in an apartment?"
Dirty carpet
Regardless the mic's on