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for so little
In fact, I've already lost him

before commemorating I hope you still believe
Before commemorating ten feet tall and separate the bow
is a modern cowboy ballad commemorating that delightful metamorphosis called the wild west is where I wanna be.

Along the trail you'll find me lopin'
of time who stalk mankind
Shall be as one in grim repast

Commemorating sickle moons
The pack are poised to reap
A scythe of white roses in bloom
fiction heart waits
For Christ to reappear here
Underneath the bar
Now Mary Poppins' suitcase
Packed full of children's playthings
Commemorating last days
See that beach grass
See those trees
Fallen monuments
Gulls pick those dunes clean

See the tidal lagoon
See that sign
Commemorating all that was
action you can get.
What you're sure you're carving in stone
on your flesh
you'd do better living more and commemorating less. There's much i don't want
a check up
Invest in yourself and get your bands up
Commemorating how we preserved, the only time we ever got our hands up
I know a bunch of Kings out
The paradox is fascinating
Older minds commemorating
Always here evaluating
Scared I'll get assassinated

If I could wake up from this nightmare
Would you tell
were never meant for this day
You were never meant for this place with
No remission

Now I'm waiting
Always waiting
With your patience

the nebulous earth in a dismal luminosity,
until only a sable crescent remains in the conflagrant sky.
Pale feathers drift on the crimson fog,
They’re commemorating
Jesus born in Bethlehem.

Kneeling in their stables
They do what they’re able
To worship on their bended knees
As they all remember,
starting this a way back in December, hey 
At this point, I'm just commemorating winter 
I wanted to stand out to you until the finish, hey 

Hold up 
on the grid
No power to these fuck niggas
Way too much ambition to give them time to listen
And not enough of commemorating the one's who did it
Imma remember
a scuffle, but somebody ends up dead
Yearly on the scene commemorating
Praying for them angels who were forever taken
Rest in peace to brothers
on my birthday cake
And blow me, blow me away

It ain't no fun to raise my glass and toast to being 62
What is worth commemorating
When I'm facing my own

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