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Time was running out. The Dream League Force Troops, led by their powerful commander, have already entered the twin spirit land and, in
Suspect device has informed us of discrepancies
Limiting potentials
Synthetic lives enforced by genetic clones
Technology complicates simplicity
MANSON, commander of death
Reincarnation of wrath
Both SATAN and christ
Curse the world by it's sin

Embraced by death to count immortality
Commander, controller
I found you
Dirty little whirlwind
I am pinned by the heat of your swirl
Dirty little whirlwind
Defender, destroyer 
One by one
I'll slit their throats
For I am the commander
My knife penetrates
My hunger for death grows
Blinded by evil I slaughter

Pain for
V V: This is your reporter Vic Venus, 
 And we just made contact with the Achilles 13 moonflight
 Let's listen in as Commander Rah Rah puts his
and thief
By now you're undisputed commander-in-chief
of Thine

Once I got touched by a fire from beyond
An invitation to darkness of which I could not resist
Caressed by the feathers of the fallen
I took
every letter

And I will protect, protect you
I will protect, protect you
I control the controller
I command the commander
I'll protect, protect you
You were never truly loved
You've only been betrayed
You were never truly nurtured
By churches or the state
You left unprotected
To these wild
of night 
Soldiers of fortune, guardians... 
United by the power, united by the will 
Our hearts are filled with metal 
For metal we kill 
of destruction fly by
Convey the Code Red and begin arming all nuclear warheads
(Alert all civilians, there's no time to waste)
Embrace all the data within
See that commander, how he struts, 
Followed by the neighbors' barking mutts, 
What a commotion, biff, boom, bang! 
Here comes the Captain and his
to the beholder
Slaughter of the human waste - Crushed beneath the iron sceptre

With a word from the master, the high commander of hell
Death to them all, like
will we find, when we all will die?

Collective, this is commander ziltoid the omniscient reporting
Greetings, ziltoid what is that strange
commander of the regeneration, 
insidious and caught, implored by disgrace, inhumation... 
The burial of man, confession... Unify all evil.

[Psalm 3 'The
lost in transport, waste of lives

Terrified grunts die confused
Send them all to be slaughtered
Insufficient base munitions
Compelled by force
And the Elder Gods, led by the warrior MARDUK, son of the Sa God ENKI...

...This last one won the Battle

Announcement 1 (track 1) 

"It has been rumored that a new People's Army has been formed by a certain 
'Commander Black'. A few minor incidents
His four to hart, and his trey to spade
Three kings with their legions come
Preparations soon where made
They voted club the days commander
Gave him
There have never been gods and devils,
But there were people who were turned
Into them by others and trapped in divine incarnations.
No act
Gave him an army face and number
All but the outlaw jack of diamonds
And the aces in the sky

Well, he gave his sevens first instructions
back around
By myself this time, back off the wall
Guns up in the air in the middle of the streets like blak blak blak, welcome

This is the Carter y'all
by his sword
Till he died

Mighty war god fight 'til death
Hunt the people let no one rest
Show your planet who is the lord
Take the weapons made
until we die

As the gods of violence
Gods of violence
Gods of violence come alive

Dehumanizing killing spree, supported by technology

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