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it's time to commandeer it
Cuz I'm brilliant, resilient, one in a quadrillion
I'm doing what I can to make my mark and grab a million
Or billion, my
Commandeer own your fear,
Associate, and integrate,
A rabble rouser in your face,
A proclamation of defense,
The outrage of the innocent,
a whole new year
My purpose i'm nervous i'm swervin i commandeer

Done talkin right now it's my dedication
Wipe off the fleas apostrophes
His name it's
Crowning glory of creation
Super human incarnation

Failure is man's fate
Blacklist of mistakes
Nothing's what it seems
Blown to smithereens

Commandeer, own
Shifting through the stones
Clones of the unknown
You've been free to roam
While the rest of us stand
In these shadowy lands
Commandeer the sky
Commandeer a new boat

Life at sea
Ain't what she used to be

We can get together
We can ride this wave
Still won't remember
Things will be ok
This ship is
for real
Ain't nothing fraudulent here, we pioneer
Commandeer a new frontier, this be the Wu, yeah
36 Chambers of fear, huh, you lost it
for real
Ain't nothing fraudulent here, we pioneer
Commandeer a new frontier, this be the Wu, yeah
36 Chambers of fear, huh, you lost it
and get up on that ass
i commandeer the turntable, thats my first mission
because the dj aint spinnin he bullshittin
go from california love
an alternative
I will secretly commandeer one of the Grid life studios
And stage a live rock concert
For every single person wearing Grid suits
That's fifty
that might have threatened his children
And by a raccoon that commandeers the basketball backboard over the
garage and will not back off
Well anyway, we
We commandeer a corner table
At our small town diner
Just five or six old men
Throwin' out corny ol' one-liners
They pat the heads of children
Are you drunk or has your ego grown and
Swallowed you whole
No wonder I would rather be under the knife
Commandeer most accused
Just want to be
be a party when the wolf comes home

We're gonna commandeer the local airwaves
To tell the neighbors what's been goin' on
And they will shake their
the controls
And commandeer both my eyes
Be quick dear, times are uncertain
One month crawling, next year blurring
Decades in the drain
Commandeer turns to dust,
The mass of steel begins to rust...

Power! building up,
Power! coming back,
Power! in the air!.
Power! a power surge!
P-C-P in his veins
He lives inside a quart
Johnny is a punk rocker
Johnny is he queer?
Johnny needed two bags
And a car to commandeer
Johnny wasn't
there's going to be a party when the wolf comes home.

were going to commandeer the local airwaves
to tell the neighbours whats been going on.
and they will
not your fucking friends

On your knees it guarantees
A victim of the new disease
The same old one as before
Spread fear commandeer
You see their
needed here, you are neither lost nor found
You are words that commandeer, making victims reappear
In the wake of your descent, nothing matters when
commandeers, it works
Is this really a gift or is this thing a curse
More or less, I'm only see through
Try to wear my heart on my sleeve, but it don't bleed
to commandeer her
Commander chief star ship fleet 
Sqad be the mob when we movin down the street 
You should probably get a job way to weak 
Think your flow
And Rudolph to guide it
I’ll be the pilot
Commandeer deers for the dearly departed
You think I’m being pretentious
Well don’t be surprised
When you see that I
believe all the things that you hear 
Who's the puppeteer I want to commandeer your Benz 
And never ride it for emissions ends I mean 
Are you reading up

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