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I go hard but I'm sleepy like a narcoleptic
This  is very funny and comedic, and this super epic
Baby,  I don't wanna make a song because I cannot
That's the comedic effect
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ha ha)
That's the comedic effect

If you want it then you've got to be positive babe
and I can't sleep
I need a friend by my side
I need comedic relief
Are you doing much tonight?
I heard the news and I can't sleep
I need a friend by my
I nut on her tounge
I run outta words
I'm rapping too much
Pants on fire
He capping too much
You niggas comedic
I'm laughing too much

If you think
This the Shawn Anthem, Shawn really handsome
Shawn thinks its funny when the funny is random
Comedic lookin' picture with a funny doge with a funny
I'm fucking seasick, I'm not strategic
I'm not comedic, and I mean it
Let me repeat it
And I mean it, let me repeat it
I'm not strategic, I'm not
floatin' you might think I was a buoy
I'm comedic to the point that I could brag way more than Louie
Magic carpet but it's walkin' by my side might think
you can see
That defenseless comedic relief
You'll find it's lookin' just like you and me
Point one finger, there's three pointing right back

How high,
I can see me doin shows on the road
Askin me why I ain't blow, that's a thesis ion kno
They ont peep a nigga worth
I'ma stand up nigga not comedic
(Two, three, go)
I know my temperature was set
You finally flew south
The bird gon' leave the nest, it's so comedic
At least I had it (uh) 
I'll never beat it 
Satisfaction guaranteed it, twice as hard if you eat it 
My style's comedic, but in the bed ain't nuttin funny 
I'm bustin your
The show cost money but the promo's free
My pen collection is interesting
No steal, still niggas will feel threatened
My genetics is comedic
Driven in
I am the very model of a cartoon individual
My animation's comical, unusual, and whimsical
I'm quite adept at funny gags, comedic theory I have
a classic.  Starring in it, are two comedic geniuses of North American cinema from the 20th century, Bob and Doug McKenzie. Entitled "Strange Brew", it
I'd like to lntroduce you now to Isabell lam 
Present owner of the Edward lam wax museum 
Daughter of the comedic duo Dorothy and Edward. 
Do you
couldn't read in between the lines
I was numb so I couldn't feel my fever climb
But my whole system was foul (fowl) like comedic lines
No way to treat it
the treatments got easier with my aging like serotonin weekends were merely comedic hazing. Wrong, but along his travels located the key to world peace: kill every
cause when it rains it pours
into retail stores, a little comedic and yours
But you know, deep in the gut, the nut
was you-know-what, all over the cut
"Come on y'all, let's go to work!" -> Flavor Flav

[Chubb Rock]
6 foot 3, 260 and change
?? ?? a little comedic and strange
Because we can have many
as the swinga
Comedic at times, and a stone-cold thriller
I got somethin to say I'll make it short and sweet
Me I'm the swinga I'ma swing it to this beat
Now I
call my agent, my hair is lifting!
Please, what am I doing here?
You're probably saying to yourself
"Why the HELL would a comedic virtuoso like, Rip
'cause it 
Matters to me I keep watching nineties TV
Always wanting to be alt-comedic, 
Not hope everybody liked my jokes 
But maybe somebody will like my
comedic timing disarmed the best of them
He loved to hug and call you by name

This is the story
Of Anton The Brave
Just one little boy who has touched
wander like a puppy off the chain 
Pussy off the chain 
Wax comedic to the brain
Still I want it 
If i ask you nicely can I bone it? 
Meet me by the river

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