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shameless (you should be guarded by monkeys)
You're so shameless (you should be guarded by monkeys)
Never make my enemy public
I'm a private dancer
Dancing for money
(Let's get together, let's rock!)

D-d-d-d-dance Monkey
Dance you god damn Monkey
Give it time
It takes time
It'll all come together
Let it flow through you
Let it flow
You know you can't force it
Nobody's counting the days
Yeah! The war zone. Who you fighting for?

[Verse 1: Common]
It's funk to rhythm and punk to rock
Loud like shot that come from a glock
Pick up
with slyness
But when we come together, all our fashion is flyness

I love them boosters, they love them boosters
You should love them too, even if they
drinking all the Monkey
And Lord Jazz, hit me one time, make it funky!

"Excuse Mr. Funke man (yes DoItAll)"
-> _Here Come the Lords_  *repeat 3X*

pray,'cause you'll get yours come Judgement Day


'cause Everything comes back around
No matter how much you cover your ground
You spend your whole
fool, I could see it in your eyes
To come this way was by no means wise"

"Get up, stand up, you greedy-lipped wench
And cover your face or suffer
you a plate, soul food, know how Granny do it
Monkey bread on the side, know how the family do it
When I brought it why had guard have to look all
came out
Kick it with a 914 nigga
4 niggas beefinâ??, and guess what?
My nine one 4 niggas
I warn niggas like whoever gone come through
My shit
to God, I guarantee he send it back
Multiply it by a hundred times, y'all remember that
That's just a little jewel to get the monkey off your back
die together
As long as I send your maggot ass to the essence
I don't give a fuck about my presence
I'm lost in the blocks of hate and can't wait
die together
As long as I send your maggot ass to the essence
I don't give a fuck about my presence
I'm lost in the blocks of hate and can't wait
pita eater
I said, "Yo, eat how ya like" then took her home and G'd her

The definition of a funky rhyme master
Clevely put together but not
a deal for kicks and get rich quick
Sketch lyric, bet 'cha by the nick on some vic
Ick from the drumstick, come with the dumb shtick
Sick slick, hidden
[Voice in Background] 

Look at the little porch monkeys  fuckin jiggaboo 

[Master P talking] 

My ancestor Kunta Kinte said 

We come
Injecting the public in clinics 
Then when the truth comes out "You black people are so paranoid" 
But WHO murdered Africa the World Health
Bubbles ain't a monkey she can move real funky
Cha'mone check check da cone, (that's right)

Come now sing with me
Proper Crimbo (Selecta)
concepts, new tools, new weapons
By analyzing the past, Sage can project into the future

I used to think that rappers had it figured out
Brass Monkey
Hey yo, Pooh Man get your lyrics together
For this next song, man
Ant man, I gotta fire up this dank first
I ain't fuckin' with nothing till I hit

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